Work and Play Synergized


Would you like to have a separate room for your laptop and weight loss equipment? The room may be compact but bright enough to accommodate work and play.

Certain condominium units may have limited floor space but given the right interior design Singapore concepts, even the extra little room would be useful to keep work separate from your needed sleep time. When some folks end up carrying their job-related tasks all the way to the bedroom, it compromises sleep time. Busy yuppies start typing stuff on the laptop that they lose track of the time. The next thing they know, much of the time that could have been spent sleeping is poured on the laptop. Productivity is affected and health is compromised.

The extra room you find in your condominium unit is perfect to use when trying to separate sleep time from take-home work. This is in consistency with the minimalist look that is becoming an interior design Singapore trend. The interior designer would make the room have on one side a plain white rectangular table with nothing but a black laptop on top of it and a plain white chair to complement it.

Now it happens at times when the mind is tired but the body is not tired enough to get a good sleep. That is the purpose of having gym equipment at home preferably placed at the opposite side of the room. It is an open secret that some yuppies go to the gym or exercise at home to rest the mind while stimulating physical activity. It is like resting one side of the brain by exercising the other half. It keeps work and play balanced, and interior design Singapore could manage to address that.

If a home is better known as a place where you live, then live. In interior design Singapore, the look attained may have been minimalist but that does not mean a bone-dry boring look. Some kitchens have checkered designs but instead of the tablecloth or the tiles by the sink, it is the cabinets and the cupboards that were given the checkered treatment depending on what specific interior design Singapore theme is demanded by the client. It is almost like walking through the kitchen of a harlequin or one who imbibed his addiction with chess into the interior design. The overall look comes across as playful and easy to the eyes.

Limited space doesn’t mean limited imagination. Renovation in Singapore should maximize all possibilities. It just needed the right interior design. Get in touch with your favorite showroom agent and see what options are available for you.