The Reno Guru (Part 1 of 4)

The Reno Guru (Part 1 of 4)
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Jane and her husband are on their way to view their new unit, and only to find they are being stalked by contractor, Francis Poh.

In actual fact, this is quite a familiar scene with various new HDB owners, where you will find a handful of self-claimed professional contractors and interior designers, who are able to offer new owners a  ridiculously cheap renovation package.
The authorities have also highlighted this problem after having received complaints from residents and have warned against all business taunting activities at HDB void decks.

As a consumer, always check that the company representative or interior designer you are talking to is of a professional affiliation with the company. Many a times contractors do pay daily wages to untrained personnel, just for first contact with potential clients.
Always check for the company’s accreditation, company history with ACRA Singapore, HDB licence with HDB, and others eg, BCA, RADAC, CASE, etc.
In any case, always request to visit their showroom / office, at least once, before any formal commitment or payment to the company.

Understand your rights as a consumer, you deserve way better.