Types of Lighting for Your Home in Singapore


Lighting is very important when it comes to interior design. Singapore designs, as you may know, are admired worldwide. Without ample and proper lighting, it would be difficult to move around. Also, the features of a structure will not be emphasized. Your home will look much better with proper lighting. If you want your home to be both functional and aesthetically appealing, see to it that you have the right type of lighting.

Natural lighting is perhaps the most common and least expensive type of lighting. It comes from sunlight, and it is free of charge. Experts in interior design Singapore would recommend it. It is perfect for sun rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and any area where you want ample amount of lighting. You can install solar tubes to reflect sunlight and provide natural lighting in any part of your home.

However, natural lighting is obviously available during daytime only. So, you still have to find other lighting options. Ambient lighting is also ideal for interior design. Singapore homes vary in terms of lighting options. It is basically lighting that comes from different directions. Fluorescent lighting is an example. Ambient lighting is similar to natural lighting, except that you can still have it during night time.

When it comes to interior design, Singapore is well-known. Here, you will find many beautiful houses. Accent lights make these houses look more appealing. If you want to accentuate certain features or areas of your home, you should use accent lighting. An example of this is track lighting. You can also use recessed can lights for your bedroom or bathroom.

Accent lighting is ideal for displaying artwork, furniture, and areas of design. It is direct, but it tends to get hot really quickly. So if you have certain art pieces that are sensitive to warm temperature, you should probably not use accent lighting. Nonetheless, it is still beneficial for interior design decoration.

Aesthetic lighting is also predominant in interior design Singapore. It is usually used to showcase the light itself as a centrepiece. Aesthetic lights are basically décors. Examples include post lamps, wall sconces, and neon signs. Nonetheless, aesthetic lighting can also be categorized as task, ambient, and accent.

Hiring an expert in interior design Singapore is ideal if you wish to use aesthetic lighting. Aesthetic lights can make your home appear opulent and elegant. An interior designer knows where to place these lights in order to emphasize the nice-looking areas of your home. Then again, you should take note that these lights are generally more expensive compared to other lighting options.

Finally, you can use task lighting as part of your interior design. Singapore office designs, bathroom vanities, and kitchen countertops usually feature this. It will help you focus better on whatever you are doing. This kind of lighting only focuses on a specific area. Examples of this lighting include desk lamps, LED cabinet lights, and make-up mirror lights.