Top Interior Design Singapore Secrets: What You Need to Focus on


Why does it seem like interior design Singapore professionals are armed with magic dusts that turn mediocre rooms into a fine piece of art? It does not have anything to do with magic or miracles. The truth is these hailed interior design decorating experts simply know which elements to focus on. And now, renowned Singapore interior design experts reveal the secret to creating a lovely atmosphere in your home.

Pay attention to the light.

Lighting is essential to setting the right tone and mood you want to achieve around the house. In other words, interior design Singapore consultants urge you to learn how to make it right.

For instance, what should you do with the dining table lampshade? If it hangs too high, it does not achieve the kind of atmosphere you are aiming for. If it hangs too low then your dinner guests may have to stoop low to see each other. According to interior design Singapore pros, it is about finding the right spot, assessing the shade of light the lamp will throw all over the room or in which direction the light goes.

Interior design Singapore experts recommend picking light bulbs that tend to throw the light downwards and not up. If you want to be able to adjust the brightness of the lighting, a dimmer switch will make a smart investment. This way, you are in complete control of setting the right atmosphere.

Focus on spacing.

Whether it concerns your living or dining room, interior design Singapore professionals emphasize on the importance of setting the right spacing between the furniture pieces. To ensure you pick out the right dimensions for a furniture piece, measure the space available. Then, place marking so there’s it would seem like the piece in place then walk around the area to check whether it is just the right size or you may need to make it smaller or bigger. This is also one of the basic things reliable carpenters Singapore will recommend you do before going furniture shopping.

Choose the right color.

Repainting the walls or specific areas of the house is an inexpensive interior design decorating idea. But interior design Singapore consultants also caution you about picking the right colors. Know what you want to achieve and know what colors correspond to the mood you are trying to create.

These are only some of the most important matters that the best interior design Singapore talents can share. As always, creativity is key so let your imagination run free.