Tips to Interior Design

Interior design is more than making a decision to replace the carpet, or repaint the walls. It requires more than close attention to detail and the effects of form. One must also take into account the depth and breadth of the room as well as the adjoining rooms.

In Singapore, Carpenter’s is changing how interior design is accomplished. While the living spaces in Singapore are unique to how one lives in Singapore, an intriguing blend of Western modernity and Asian culture. This country is among the top 20 countries in the world in terms of GDP per capita, and has a standard of living to match. As you can imagine, it’s a shopper’s heaven.

Carpenters are critical to creating a unique utilization of space that is personalized to match their clients’ daily living style. While Singapore is an urban lifestyle with high-rise flats, creating an elegant yet functional means of living is a well-developed skill of craftsmanship and Asian elegance of form. Large flats are converted into open multifunctional living spaces with modern efficiency and practicality.

Lighting and color play a strong role in how Carpenters manage to create “dream homes” for their clients. Considered a renovation contractor, Carpenters has its history in the unique ability to create beautiful Asian form in customized functional urban living areas. Cabinets help to eliminate any cutter and conceal all objects which might detract from the busy Singapore lifestyle. Use of marble as wall covering helps to keep the living spaces clean and cool from high humidity, which can cause the feeling of high temperatures.

With regard to the busy and demanding business class lifestyle, this Singapore carpenter provides the hidden utilization of space for exercise and wellness in the homes they have renovated. One would never know that behind the room divider with sleek Asian detailing, another room exists to provide the much needed wellness activities required for diminishing the stresses of the urban life. The use of soft-to-step flooring lowers and noise which may be caused during a “work out”, but blends nicely with other flooring because of the use of muted colors and textures.

When looking for tips in carpentry or interior design to create a sophisticated appearance to any room, Carpenters demonstrate impeccable task in color accents and sleek modern interior design. Mirrors are utilized to ensure comfort, style and elegance to the urban lifestyle in Singapore. The mirrors may be used as closet doors or wall covering to extend the width of the room. Track lighting helps to bring warmth to urban living spaces which can present dark living areas due to lack of windows in high-rise buildings. This renovation contractor uses the track lighting along the ceiling or under the cabinetry so as not to be limited to the confines of a central ceiling light. In some cases a fan was placed in the location of the previous ceiling light.

The Singapore interior design by Carpenters can be seen in their web portfolio at their site:, where one is a witness to the beautiful ease of angles and contrast of color, which suggest the strong Asian historical, cultural influence in their carpentry.