The Reno Guru (Part 4 of 4)

The Reno Guru (Part 4 of 4)
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Jane and her husband have finally settled down with a interior designer, Francis Poh.
On the first day of work commencement, Jane was at site, and to her amazement…

In actual fact, this is quite a common problem faced by most consumers today. Statistics from CASE show that complaints from the Singapore renovation and interior design industry is ranked number 2, in the whole nation, most of which come from dishonesty by contractors.

As a consumer, and a layman, there are a lot of technical details which were not taken into consideration, nor highlighted during the early discussion stage, be it deliberate or overlooked. And consumers may end up paying more than what was initially discussed in the contract.
This could be a common gimmick played by most contractors, where they will quote clients impossible prices, or some at cost prices, deterring and inevitably mutating this professional industry into a price war marketplace. But who would do it at cost price? Either the designer is a super greenhorn, or he is most likely going to play the “back door” game, which is additional and hidden costs.

As a consumer, always make sure the contract drafted is of comprehensive grammar, if you do not understand even a word, request for an explanation, if not to redraft it.
Many a times, interior designers may verbally promise clients various items, but are not written on the contract. You may request all the promised items to be put in black and white on another piece of contract to avoid any misunderstandings at the end of the process.

Understand your rights as a consumer, you deserve way better.