The Reno Guru (Part 3 of 4)

The Reno Guru (Part 3 of 4)
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Note: all clips are not related to one another, and not in sequence.

Jane and her husband have finally settled down with a interior designer, Francis Poh.
And they are visiting their site for the first time since commencement of works, with Francis updating on the progress and giving some tips they should take note, but…

In actual fact, a lot of consumers, who are mostly layman, do not really apprehend how a proper renovation process works. Most of them are being blindly led by their designer, and if the designer is equipped with only mild experience, project management may get out of hand easily.

As a consumer, you may request the company representative or interior designer, to guide you and update you accordingly to the work progress. Before the work commences, you may request for a detailed schedule of works, when and who will be at your site in details. Note work progress may be delayed plus minus a few days, due to maybe minor screw ups or major challenges at site, which was not foreseen during site inspection, but we give and take here and there.

Typical project progress:

Hacking and clearing works
Arrival of sand, cement and building materials
Commencement of wet works
Note wet works will take up majority of time in a renovation process, wet works for whole house typically takes 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of design.
Electrical works may take place before or after the wet works, depending on whether they are concealed or exposed.
Commencement of carpentry works
Measurement of carpentry works will take place after all wet works are done, and will be fabricated at workshop. Please note carpentry works will also take up to 2 weeks from measurement to installation, same thing, depending on the complexity of design.
Designer is to make confirm all carpentry works on detailed technical drawings way before commencement of works to facilitate the process.
Painting works
During carpentry process, painting works or other wall features eg wallpaper may commence.
Installation of carpentry
Finally after installation of all carpentry works, and the project is at the handover stage, consumer may inspect the whole site and request for a defect list, for items which are not of acceptable quality. All payments will be withheld until rectification works are fully completed and accepted by consumer.

Understand your rights as a consumer, you deserve way better.