The Reno Guru (Part 2 of 4)

The Reno Guru (Part 2 of 4)
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Jane and her husband have finally settled down with their selected interior designer, Mr Francis Poh. Not only their house is not done, Mr Francis has ran away with their money, leaving Jane, in despair.

In actual fact, these incidents do happen and are still happening nowadays, even in a well-enforced country like Singapore.

As a consumer, always check the company’s profile, history, accreditation, before making any form of payment. Cash payment or cash cheques especially, must be made only at the company’s premises to to their authorised staff, and a receipt must be received before leaving.
If possible, always cross the cheque and make payable to the company only.

In renovation, there is always a progressive payment scheme, just like paying a under construction house, you will pay concurrently with the construction progress.

The usual payment scheme is
20% down payment
45% upon commencement of works
30% upon completion of wet works/commencement of carpentry works
5% upon completion and clearing of defect list

Different Singapore Interior Design firms may have different payment schemes.
As a consumer, at any point of time, if you may feel the payment scheme is not of mutual benefit to yourself, please highlight to the company or personnel before making any formal commitment.

Consumers may also request payment scheme to follow Consumer’s Association of Singapore (CASE).

Remember, you have the right to withhold any progressive payment, if the payment and construction do not tally concurrently.

Understand your rights as a consumer, you deserve way better.