WK Chui

SIgnature Park Condo

Hi Alloyious,

I moved into my current apartment some 18 years ago. Last year,  I wanted to freshen up my apartment as the decorations were tired and showing signs of wear and tear. I looked around for an interior designer for assistance and was introduced to the Carpenters Design by my neighbor. I made an appointment with Mr Alloyious Koh and the rest was history.

Alloyious was friendly and easy to talk to; and he was very professional from the start to the end. After the budget quotation phase, we sat down to discuss about my preferences. His approach and recommendations were very client oriented but he would advise otherwise based on his expertise. His design proposals were modern but yet functional. After the materials selection stage, artistic simulations were provided for review and approval. Once all is confirmed, his army of contractors moved in to get the job done within the stipulated period and there was no delay. We were in constant contact via WhatsApp and decisions could be made and executed in a timely fashion. When the project was completed, he also provided services for touch up until I was satisfied. All in all, the working experience with Alloyious was excellent and the results of the renovation were more than satisfactory. I will definitely recommend Carpenters Design if you are thinking of a hassle-free renovation project.

Mr WK Chui



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