Stephanie Koo

Dover Cresent

I would like to share a little bit of our background and hope with that, you can understand how much we appreciate Eugene.

Our first experience with home renovation was 5 years ago and though we engaged an ID, we ended up managing the project most of the time. That put us off and we had vowed that we would engage a contractor if there was ever a next time. The experience made us difficult customers.

Fast forward 5 years later, we have a bouncing baby boy and with that, a sense of reluctance to spend time away from the baby. We engaged Eugene purely by chance and (I would say) luck. My husband had looked through Carpenter’s projects and liked what he saw.

We were impressed with his knowledge and ideas and we are not the type who gets easily impressed. I remembered a discussion that run late into the night, and me being the fickle minded woman wanted something that was not in the discussion at all. I registered a look of shock (and tiredness) from both my husband and Eugene. However Eugene went to work quickly and can I say I love the results! He was able to counter nearly all obstacles and foresee design problems on spontaneous ideas that we proposed while maintaining a level of respectfulness.

We are happily living in our beautiful home and I do hope if we do have a home renovation project in the future, Eugene will still take us on J

Best Regards
Mr and Mrs See Toh
Dover Crescent

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