Shama Bessaidi

HDB Segar Vale

Dear Carpenters,

I would like to personally compliment Avia who was in charge of designing & renovating  my rooms & living area & Kaze who was around during one of my discussions with Avia. When I first saw your advertisement on TV, I decided to walk-in to take a look at your showroom & was warmly welcomed by Avia.

Although Avia is gentle & soft-spoken lady, she is definitely someone who understands her customers’ needs very well. Based on my needs & expectations, she was able to show me a few designs which we spoke about at length & was willing to make changes to her initial designs, when the need arose. Throughout the entire time, she was extremely professional yet, friendly & was able to give me advice on some of the choice of designs. Kaze, who was also around to give me some ideas, was equally patient and friendly.

I left the choice of colors & type of materials to her because I am rather aesthetically-challenged. When I met her again to confirm the color choices & type of materials, she was able to explain to me her choices & she showed that she was well-aware of my expectations & needs! Avia has been very accomodating to my stringent needs & high expectations.

During the actual installation days, Avia was there to ensure that everything was done according to my expectations & needs. She stayed throughout & kept a watchful eye, ensuring that everything went smoothly. I was extremely impressed by her dedication & careful attention to details.

I was also extremely impressed by the speed of the entire process (from the designing to the actual installation works). Avia understood that as a mother of 3 children, I desperately needed the carpentry works to finish quickly & she ensured that the entire process was quickly completed! I was truly amazed. I really felt that I had made the best choice in choosing Carpenters.

I will strongly recommend Carpenters as I have been made to feel very welcomed & your service (from Avia & Kaze) has impressed me beyond words. Should I need anymore renovation works in future, I will definitely come down again! I strongly recommend Carpenters!

Thank you! It was truly a wonderful experience!

Warmest Regards,



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