Mr Thomas Chew

I would like to commend Jimmy for a job satisfyingly well done.

Being without much contacts or references for a ID/contractor, I began diving into the internet for ideas. Came across Carpenters and read quite a few good review about them. Decided to check them out, sent an email and within the week Jimmy replied.

We began discussions in early May 2016. His enthusiasm and passion is very much professional. As I wanted a simple renovation work of my 4 room resale HDB, I had set a budget and wasn’t ready to go beyond. Jimmy understands and as professional as he can be, he worked towards my requirements, making multiple changes along the way. Unlike some other contractors/IDs I talked to, whom wanted you just to spend more. He was very accommodating to my hectic work schedule as well, having to meet me during the weekends for most of the discussion.

So I was happy with the design, reno work started in June 2016. As I was always on business travel, Jimmy kept a detailed look on the progress, constantly updating me thru Whatsapp. I really don’t have to worry to a point I didn’t even asked anyone to drop by and take a look. Jimmy has a resource of other contractors (electrician, aircon) whom really co-operate well together. He also recommended accessories suppliers which really helped me in time saving.

The reno work went well without any hiccups, completed in Sep 2016. It turned out exactly per design with no defects or disappointment. Very much satisfied and looking very much forward to get my place furnished and move in.

Thank you, Jimmy.


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