Mr & Mrs Lau

Eight Courtyards

Dear Carpenters,

I wanted to take the time to acknowledge the efforts of Addy and his team during the recent of my home renovation project was handled.
Addy showed considerable maturity and initiative during the entire renovation cycle of this project.
He was very thorough in our initial proposal discussion. He proposed many good and practical ideas which have been implemented, saving us unnecessary meetings and repetitious steps. His tenacious demeanor and focused efforts are directly contributed to the success of this project.
Addy’s attitude and teamwork motivated others on the team which influenced ability to provide deliverable in a timely manner. He also provides a direct liaison between various contractors to expedite communications and decrease the potential of delays. He was always present when any issues were being worked. His family and personal sacrifice during renovation period is recognized.
Please take the time to pass my appreciation on to his respective Manager. I feel Addy has significant potential and is a highly valued member of the Carpenters team. His and his team performances during this project was exceptional and I look forward to working with him on future projects.

Best Regards,
Mr and Mrs Lau.
Eight Courtyards


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