Kenneth and Pui Feng

54 Punggol Walk

Dear Carpenters,
We got to know about carpenters while we were looking for an ID service near the end of April 2016 and we were assigned ID Even Toh for a non-obligatory meeting and discussion.

By the time the actual renovation started,Evan was able to control the site contractors materials deliveries and scheduling well, despite his busy activities with other customers as well.
Questions sent to him were answered promptly and transparently. He honestly advised what could be done, what could not be done and how he could help us to manage the renovation so that we could focus on our jobs without worries. I would give Evan 5 stars for expertly coordinating between different parties involved.

The site contractors he used have great knowledge and professionalism of what they are doing as well. Site changes were handled and followed up without us being overly worried.
Evan even went extra mile to help us. For example, he helped us to manage the the condo defect team by monitoring them and talking to them on our behalf. Lighting accessories, furniture, TV mount installation were handled by him as well. This is a great gesture as it saved us from taking leave from our busy jobs.

One last thing that shows Evan extra dedication to excellent customer service. He even tidied up the house from the renovation debris so that new furniture could be moved in. No words could describe the gratitude we have for him. Evan thank you fro helping us realise our dream. You are the chief reason why we could shift in no time.
We ave no qualms to refer you to friends who might be looking or IDS services in the future.

54 Punggol Walk
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