Karen Tee

HDB Punggol Vista

Dear Mr Lau,

I recently brought a tiny 3 room resale flat at Punggol area. While the place was very space restrain, I wanted enough storage space for my massive book & comic collection as well as a platform bed with stairs in the master bedroom and on top of that, I needed more space for my mother’s exceedingly large DVD collection. If anyone have seen the HDB flat size in Punggol they would know it’s mission impossible.

At first I was looking for Carpenters only, not an all in one service provider, but due to the similarities in name, I found Carpenters Design. They responded to my email promptly & an appointment was made shortly after. My best impression of Carpenters design is they deliver everything that they promise. Every deadline big or small was met, no rearrangement of schedule or asking more time.

Due to my more unique requests & the limit of space, my ID had to draw and scrap the designs multiple times before we came upon one that I was satisfied with. The whole journey was one smooth ride as my ID lead me by the hand and bring up points & minor details that I would not have thought about on my own.

The overall time needed was rather short, they completed everything within three weeks. The end results was exactly as promise & the carpentry works look great. The prices while I’m sure is not the cheapest in the market was still value for money for their high quality work. I’m very happy with what was done with my new place & my friends & relative have been raving on how good everything looks. I would highly recommend Carpenters Design to anyone who asked & would definitely use them again if the need arise.

Best Regards,
Karen Tee


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