Jun Jie Koh

511 Jelapang Road

Dear Carpenters,

We are both grateful to have Shinny Hoe as our ID in-charge in the process of our house renovation. Before meeting Shinny, we actually engaged another company (which we would not mention here) through an exhibition. At that time, we were offered a very nice deal, relatively cheap & sounds quite reliable by the sales person. However after 2 weeks from the day we met, there were no news from them, and eventually we have to send reminders & keep chasing them for just an updated floor plan layout. Furthermore, when we asked them why couldn’t we find their name registered under HDB license, they replied that they are only an interior designing company. For the renovation works they have their own HDB registered contractor which they never shared with us what the company was. With all these unsatisfying attitude, we then decided to look for another company which is trustable & reliable. And so we came to know Carpenters through FB & after thorough surveys we were sure that Carpenters is just the company that we wanted to engage with.

Shinny has impressed us with her super-efficient response, example we still remembered we met her on a Saturday & she could deliver to us the updated floor plan layout TWO days later. And thereafter we pretty much settled our idea on the arrangement of the whole house with her professional advises within two weeks. We can feel that Shinny cares for our house more than we do. Handing our house for her to take charge really gave us a peace of mind as she is much more particular in every details than we do. We also enjoyed the days going shopping with her for the tiles, lighting, bathroom accessories. Despite our busy schedule, Shinny can always manage to meet us according to our time of convenient. We are basically so relying on her that we would at anywhere, anytime spam her with our ideas & questions on what color or size of electronics, furniture, curtains to buy, and asked for her suggestions. And she would always reply us promptly & professionally. Also we are very “paiseh” for keep amending the items in the quotation, & Shinny always happily noted down for us & re-issue an updated quotation from time to time. You will be amazed by her good memory!

Last but not least, now everyone is so amazed on the design of our new house! They are really looking great & we really enjoy staying here.

In a nutshell, don’t hesitate anymore if you are looking for a trusting & reliant ID, go to Carpenters, got o Shinny, you really won’t regret!

Your Sincerely,



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