Jay Choo

Sengkang West Avenue

Hi Carpenters,

I would like to thank Addy Goh for his hard work in my home renovations.

Honestly, I’ve went to a few IDs before meeting Addy.Of all the IDs, he is the only one who is willing to put his ideas to draw on paper on the first visit. All other IDs talk but  customers are not able to visualize their ideas. To be able to visualize what the IDs ideas are important to a customer.

On the first visit, after seeing Addy’s draft, I know I found a sincere ID who is willing to listen and offer his proposals to address customer’s needs.

I would also like to thank Addy for helping to complete the house renovation within the given deadlines. The whole project was completed smoothly and this is to Addy’s credit. My friends who have seen the photos all commented that the new house looks cosy.

Carpenters is blessed to have Addy and I wish him all the best in his career with Carpenters.



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