Jack Tay

Marsiling Rise

Dear Carpenters,
My wife, my cute 1 year old son, my soon-to-arrive daughter and I will like to offer our most sincere thanks to the company, the skilful workers and most important of all, my dear ID Isaac Choo for making our dream come true. We now have a beautiful home.
I am a person who will only go for the tried and tested, and when the time arrived for me to make a difficult choice to renovate my place, and with a tight budget, my colleague recommended Isaac to me. Before me, my colleague and her brother have both employed the service of Isaac and they are both highly satisfied. Why they never write any testimonials for Isaac? They simply tell me they are too lazy to do so. Poor Isaac.
My wife and I first met Isaac at a shopping mall near where we stay, and we find him to be a friendly and easy-going person who listen patiently to all our needs and ideas. He is honest and won’t hesitate to inform us on what are workable and what are not, and whether our budget are realistic. After this meeting, we decided to employ his service and never went to a second ID. Of course the quotation is a very important factor which all people will find other IDs and do comparison for the best price. However in my case, the reputation of Carpenters is already very well-known (just go Google) and as long as it’s within my budget, I do believe in “One Cent Money, One Inch Quality”. I have heard enough bad experiences from some of my friends.
On the second meeting, Isaac showed us a rough planning of what we will be expecting of our place, and things only get better and better from there. During the duration of the renovation, Isaac will always update us on the latest progress, what to expect next, suitable ideas, and also bought us around to the different places to choose the tiles, the toiletry etc etc etc. Whenever I buy any furnitures, I will always call or message him for opinions on whether they match the outlook of my place. One case I remember the most is the sofa. My wife and I have decided on an expensive L-shape half-leather grey sofa and we are about to make payment. Upon learning about it, Isaac contacted me immediately to stop me and explain to me his reasons on how the sofa does not match and will take up space. In the end, we chose a beautiful orange 3 seater sofa which cost less and smaller in size. But the result is so much better. Thanks Isaac.
Looking at my beautiful home now which is almost fully furnished, I have to say that Isaac’s design and vision are great. I love my new-look kitchen and the carpentry are of very good grade material which make all the money spent worthwhile. I always joked with Isaac that if only I have a bigger budget, he will be able to show me his ‘real power’. I do believe he is capable of better projects in the right situations.
One day, when I manage to get a new BTO 4-room flat, I won’t hesitate to employ the services of Isaac and the Carpenters. They made my first dream come true. It’s not hard to believe that the second dream will be just as good, or even better.

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