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I am writing to do a review/appraisal for my ID; Mr. Isaac Choo.

My fiancee and I were not sure of what we wanted despite doing readings on articles etc. And in fact it is considered very early (since keys collection were due April/May’16) but we started looking out for IDs in Jan’16.

With almost no idea in mind, our visits to the different IDs can be quite lengthy and aimless. Without any appointment, we stepped in to Carpenters without any expectations. Isaac was the ID handling our sudden walk-in. Understanding that we do not have any specific requirements, he decided to do from scratch. Unlike other IDs who just do rough drawing on paper to go through the process; Isaac uses a template ruler with various shapes. He draw meticulously on the paper and erase off when the drawing is not what he expect; despite this is just a draft and just an enquiry. This impressed us and definitely was a plus point. There was no hard-selling (Thank God!) and he allowed us to take back the draft paper unlike another popular ID firm. Isaac is friendly and do his best to answer our questions; and very importantly, he is very frank; the last thing we will have wanted is a cheap quotation with many hidden charges.

The draft quote was sent to us days after the 1st visit; and we went to find him to ask more questions. He was already prepared with the draft 3D drawing/layout despite we have not even paid him anything; not a single cent yet! This was another plus point. Isaac is always well-dressed; and i was thinking to myself “Can such a person handle the contractors and suppliers who are usually tough and pushy/defensive”. And we decided to see both the 3D drawings and actual photos of his work (The first visit we already saw his folder with previous projects). Then we asked if can see his current work (kinda testing his readiness and evaluating the worksmanship). We are glad that he took the effort to at least contact the owner getting the permission to visit. This shows that he respected his client. Isaac drove us there and the owner also made us feel at home and shows confidence in Isaac’s work as she also praises him. After the visit, he still does not show any hard-selling intention, we felt assured and decided to sign with him.

Our third visit was to ask about materials etc. Issac took effort to explain them and even gave us some samples for our reference. We are quite pleased with that as it facilitates our furniture shopping/preparation.

Even though throughout the period, Isaac may not be able to provide the fastest response (Whatsapp); he shows his knowledge (didn’t know there was a thick text book for Interior Designing), patience and understanding. He always have solutions/suggestions to our questions and not just leave it to us to rack our brains. He also keep us informed when he have to go overseas; and calling us to clarify whenever the Whatsapp message is too ambigious/unclear. Another plus point is that he is able to keep to our budget and always inform us of any upcoming charges should we go for other options; there is enough transparency as i highlighted earlier.
Isaac is practical, frank, knows his stuff, shows commitment and friendly guy to work with.

Understanding Carpenters might not be the cheapest option in the ID arena, however with IDs like Isaac, home owners-to-be can have a better peace of mind.

Best regards,

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