105 Bishan St 12

Dear Sirs,

I recently worked with Addy to complete my home renovation work.

When I first met Addy, he struck me as a detailed and organized person who approached his work with a certain seriousness.  During the design stage and renovation process, Addy made useful recommendations from aesthetical and functionality viewpoints by drawing on both his work and personal experiences.  Being a self-motivated person by nature, he would drive the renovation progress and solve problems such that the renovation need not compete for too much of your attention with other areas of your life.  His ability to relate to the homeowner’s challenges and willingness to work through issues were not only consistently evident but also demonstrated his sincerity as a person.  What differentiates Addy from other designers would be his wanting to do the right thing, the pride and enjoyment he holds in his work despite the difficulties as well as his commitment to deliver.

A company’s success is built through the best given by its people to the work that they do and it is those like him that the company wants to hold on to.

Yours faithfully,

Block 105 Bishan St 12


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