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Danny & Shiqi

Tampines Central 7

Dear Carpenters,

My wife and I would like to provide our heartfelt thanks to Addy who help us with the renovation of our place.

Addy is a very honest and sincere person to work with. During the whole renovation period, he has been very patience with us and able to cater to our needs. He also took the initiative to improve on our ideas to not only save cost and at the same time making our place a better place to live in. He manages his team and mange expectation very well and truly we have a great experience working with Addy.

Overall, the renovation was a job well done and we are also very pleased with the quality of work that has been produced by carpenters and their sub-contractors. We have also received a lot of positive comments from our relative and friends that visited our place and since recommended them to Addy.

Thank You Carpenters!
We are glad we had found you and Addy is truly a great asset to the company!

Best Regards,

Danny & Shiqi


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