Daniel Goh

Pasir Ris One

Dear Management of Carpenters Design Group Pte Ltd,

I am one happy client and would like to commend Eugene She for the job well done at Pasir Ris One.

Before my pleasant encounter with Eugene, I have read horror news about unscrupulous contractors and heard from my friends about their unpleasant experience dealing with contractors and interior designers. When i collected the keys to my new, tiny 4-room HDB flat, I was sure that I would be the next victim in the renovation work and my sad story will be the next thing my friends would hear.

Fortunately, I thank God that here is a good testimony I am about to write. It is about my dealing and experience with Eugene She, my interior designer. As my lease was about to expire in a month’s time, in July, Eugene delivered what he had promised and the results were way above my expectations. He cleverly designed and made sure that the precious space in my flat, particularly my son’s room, was fully utilized and at the same time without the “cluttering” and congested effect.

Right from the first meeting, he won my trust by listening attentively to our family’s needs and wants in the renovation work. Given our budget and limited space, some items on my wish-list sadly had to be missed as unrealistic. He then carefully planned out what could possibly and aesthetically be fulfilled. He would not impose his opinions on us but gently persuaded my wife and I to view the decor and design in its entirety. He use his foresight and experience in his design but like in most projects, certain hiccups and surprises were unavoidable. However, he was very creative and talented to overcome these challenges and have changes in some creative ways. He is hardworking in supervising the work even on weekends and always ready to listen. Eugene carefully coordinated the intricacies of the renovation, liaising with workers of different specialties in the hectic schedule to meet the tight deadline. According to my friends experience, their relationship with their interior designers broke down mainly because of trust and communication issues. Fortunately, for me everything went smoothly and Eugene had all the work done within our original budget. He is passionate, hardworking, professional and dedicated and I am fortunate to have hired him as my interior designer.

Last but not least, my home is now a beautiful and warm place where my family can relax and enjoy. I would highly recommend Eugene to anyone who wants a beautiful home without the anxiety and stress of dealing directly with renovation workers and contractors.

Daniel Goh


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