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I write to compliment Ange who was in charge of designing and renovating my resale condo unit at Palm Gardens.

Ange was first referred to us by a designer friend whom we trust for aesthetic judgement. So to get a thumbs-up from a designer already speaks well of Ange at the onset. So we gave Ange a more stringent assignment of completing it in 6 weeks. Thankfully, she did a fabulous job and even handed us the keys few days before the deadline. This was crucial as my wife’s delivery was unexpectedly brought forward by a few weeks.

What impresses us is Ange’s dedication to the customer in terms of fairness and  expertise advice. Ange has an admirable policy of transparency. She does not do middleman between sub-contractors (like air-con, light n electrician) and us. She will bring us along, let us negotiate price with vendor and help us get a good discount once we decided but we pay the sub-cons directly. This ensures transparency in costing and reduces any hidden costs.

For someone who is aesthetically-challenged, Ange is a savior. I profess to be quite demanding in terms of expectations and rather meticulous in details, and I also look out for the overall ‘feel’ of the outcome. We do not have the DNA nor training of an artist, but Ange helped us achieve quite an artistic masterpiece for our first home.

For anyone who needs a fast, good and value for money job, we will recommend Ange anytime.

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