Chan Koh


Dear management of Carpenters Design Group Pte Ltd,

We are a very fortunate couple to have had engaged Mr Rex Zhang, a senior designer consultant in your company, who had transformed a standard unit delivered from the developer into our cozy corner.

Like many other, before deciding upon Rex and your company’s work, we had spoken to a handful other interior designers and had read about recommended or upsetting interior designers and contractors online. Because of the work done, we must share with the others now why we engaged Rex and the experience we had during our renovation.

In the first meeting after we gave our requirements, Rex was able to apprehend our needs as a newly wed and making our first home a lovely one. He was the only one who was not negative and putting us off despite being unrealistic in some areas or even if the house is small. He listens and advises professionally. We are impressed with his sketching skills and creativity which possesses quality. As both my wife-to-be and I were engineers, we are able to picture his drawing and understand how our home will be decorated. Immediately, we felt at ease when we speak to him and deep down, he tops the list on who we want to engage.

Rex not only acts as a design consultant but also helps in coordination of the schedule of all the works (electricity, painting, carpentry etc.) to ensure that the schedule could be met. He also value adds by advocating choices of suitable lights and furniture that suit our theme. A one stop service indeed. We have heard from a lot of friends that their design consultants do not respond very promptly which is a very frustrating  issue. However, Rex proved us wrong as he responds almost immediately to all our queries whenever possible even in the “wee hours” of the night or during in camp training. On top of that, we would also like to commend on the pool of carpentry contractors of the company. The quality and workmanship were great!

Nothing is perfect as there are still some small issues that can be treated as a lesson learn and better mitigated next time. For example, some of the contractors do not remember to close the windows when they leave the house and some small items (one light controller and one rice container) within the home was missing after all the works were done.

Despite the small issue that happened, w are very satisfied and happy with Rex’s work and professionalism and we would definitely recommend him to our friends when they visit us in our cozy corner.

Best Regards,
Wilson & Olivia


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