Benjy and Lee Hua

Commonwealth Close

Hi Carpenters Team,

First and foremost, thank you Lawrence and Kris for even accepting this job and yet meeting within our means to afford.

We are sure that not many companies that we have approached initially, are able to give us an equivalent or better product than we have now.

Looking back at where we first started, the final product has met the intents that we had first set out as concept. Glad that we have ran through thoroughly, of the materials, itemised costs and thought process together when bringing our initial concept to built. Clarity in the scope of works ensured the project is efficient and effective – means lesser trips to oversee the project. Having to meet our targeted handover date (close to 2 months) was another success in this project, as the date meant important to us, being our matrimonial flat. Soon after, everything else falls into place.

This is not a attached image is not picture perfect, but illustrates how comfortable we are with the renovated home. We love it.

Thank you once again. 😉

We will look forward to any future opportunities together.

Best wishes,

Benjy & Lee Hua.

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