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Hello Carpenters,

It’s a cliche, home renovation is stressful and this is so utterly true for someone like me; a person with zero artistic/design sense. We are grateful that a chance call to Carpenters fall onto the ears of Judi Lee, Senior Design Consultant of Carpenters @ Oxley Bizhub 2. We have decided that our condo, Bliss@Kovan, our final home, would be nice, modern and something that we liked. However, we had no clue what is nice, modern and what we like! Judi was there patiently listened, putting our vague ideas into concepts and tactfully rejected ideas that does not work.

After a few meetings we were confident that Judi would be able to design and deliver something that we would like. The interior designs for the carpentry works, cupboards, hall cabinets, wallpapers, shoe racks and electrical works were beautifully weaved; with each room having different themes and color combinations. Judi also accompanied us shopping for lighting, sofa, dining and coffee tables and furniture. This saved us time and effort; and more importantly whatever Judi recommended look beautiful and classy! As it was approaching Chinese New Year, Judi went out of the way to get a rug for the hall and personally delivered to our home. This speaks volumes of her dedication to her work in delighting the customer.

We are happy with Judi’s work. We are grateful to her for furnishing our home beautifully. Our relatives and neighbors came, saw and concurred. We have also introduced potential customers to Judi. Judi, well done and keep up the excellent work.

Andy, Linda, Alvin and Eugene

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