Andrea Oo

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Hi Judi,

The most remarkable talent of Judi was that she was completely able to understand and visualize what I had in mind when I told her I wanted a country-style home. Her invaluable input further developed my ideas and manifested in the form of a more spacious and beautiful home than I imagined. I liked everything in the form of a more spacious and beautiful home than I had imagined. I liked everything she recommended to me; even minute details such as the lights in my living and dining rooms, the door knobs of my kitchen cabinets and the colors of the cabinets in my kitchen and living room. She would frequently browse for things on my behalf and would shortlist a few things she knew I liked, which saved a lot of my time. She made possible my selfish request to continue living at home while renovation works were ongoing and at the same time managed to stay on schedule. She rendered excellent service and was unfailing polite. She would do her best to change the things I did not like and accommodate any requests I made. I also think that the workers she hired to do the various carpentry, electrical, painting and flooring works were all very skilled and efficient. She was prompt in all our communications during and after the renovation. I would highly recommend Judi to anyone who needs an interior designer for her professionalism, commitment and her very good sense of design.




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