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Addy was recommended by my wife’s friend. They had a really gd experience working with him and from what we heard and what we saw when we went to visit their home, my wife and I decided that we would go down and see what he could offer us.

I won’t lie. At first, the price addy quoted for what we wanted was more than what we had heard from other companies but from stories of other friends who had quotes that were half the price we were initially quoted… the actual final sum they paid was at least  about 40% higher than the initial quote.
Horror stories about the contractor being hard to contact.. or not doing what he promised or not following the time line. We took all these into account before deciding.
What won us over was addy’s sincerity. You could tell immediately he is not only a nice guy, but honest n up front. We could also see he took great pride in his work.
Once work got started, addy was always easily contactable. Very prompt in replying email or sms. Any problems that came up, he immediately let us know n gave us his opinion n feedback but never forced us into any decision that we Din want to make. He always gave us a choice.
From the start addy assured us that the package we signed would not increase too much from the original sum unless we really wanted to top up to get even better tiles or paint.. which he said was not needed as the package already included a good variety with good quality.
He was right. We did not need to top up much or even at all. His quote was really the final amount we had to pay.

As for the work. I would say it was good. I mean it’s not perfect as of course human error does occur. But they were minor n addy immediately arranged to touch up the problems ASAP. He never once ducted any of our calls or our minor request. (E.g. helping to drill a few holes for us to mount an ikea shelf.) It don’t sound like much but he really did not need to oblige, but he did.

The few times we visited my home during the reno, I could see how happy n proud he was of how it was turning out. I too was happy. So yea, it’s evident that he does take great pride in his work n values his word.

For me, it was a lovely experience working with addy to achieve my dream home. Of course there might have been some minor disagreements but always handled very well by addy n he always did his best to understand our pt of view.

Honesty, contactable, up front about things no matter how bad, responsible, followed up even after handing over to us. He got things done according to his proposed time line. These are things that I feel should be taken into account when selecting your contractor or ID. Things that don’t appear in the contract but are soooo important.

– Andre and Jean

andre Ye

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