Mr & Mrs Chan

at 38 Forestville   by Alloyious Koh, Joel Ow, Franciso Thng

We are very happy with Carpenters for making our dream home come true. And we are very fortunate to have a very experienced coordinator from Alloyious, Franciso, Joel, who knows what we want & we are impressed by the results. Thank you Carpenters!

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Calvin & Shirley

at 667B Punggol Drive   by Avia Yee

We are very happy with Carpenters for making our dream home come true. And we are very fortunate to have a very experienced coordinator from Avia, who knows what we want & we are impressed by the results. Thank you Carpenters!

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Mr Asokan

at Blk 5 Qbay Residences   by Daryl & yvonne

We are very happy with Carpenters for making our dream home come true. And we are very fortunate to have a very experienced coordinator from Daryl & yvonne, who knows what we want & we are impressed by the results. Thank you Carpenters!

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Mr Ong Keng Li

at Blk 815C, Choa chu kang Ave 7   by Eugene She

Dear Carpenters, We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Eugene She who did a great job renovating our home.

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Ms Yuki Teng

at 316A Punggol way   by Cecilia chiew

We are very happy with Carpenters for making our dream home come true. And we are very fortunate to have a very experienced coordinator from Cecilia, who knows what we want & we are impressed by the results. Thank you Carpenters!

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James and Katherine

at blk 91 Jewel @ Buangkok   by Evan Toh

Dear Management of Carpenters Design Group, I would like to take this opportunity to commend Evan Toh for a good job done on my place at Blk 91, Jewel@Buangkok.

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Mr.Carkarine and family

at JEWEL@BUANGKOK Blk 83   by Zoey Tan

It is a great pleasure writing this testimonial for Zoey under Carpenters Design Group Ptd Ltd.

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PP & Pat

at 63 Chestnut Ave, Tower B Eco Santuary   by Eugene She

Dear Carpenters, We would like to commend Eugene She for his excellent work done for our home renovation.

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Mr Edwin

at 306D Punggol Road   by Lawrence Ho

We are very happy with Carpenters for making our dream home come true. And we are very fortunate to have a very experienced coordinator from Lawrence, who knows what we want & we are impressed by the results. Thank you Carpenters!

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Mr Heng

at 12 Upper Serangoon   by Isaac Choo

We are very happy with Carpenters for making our dream home come true. And we are very fortunate to have a very experienced coordinator from Isaac, who knows what we want & we are impressed by the results. Thank you Carpenters!

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Debbie and Tony

at Blk 817b Keat Hong Link   by Isaac Choo & Noven Lim

Dear Carpenters We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Isaac and Noven for the completion of our new house @ Mirage.

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Irene and Brian

at 11 Fernvale Lane   by Alloyious Koh, Franciso Thng, Joel Ow

Dear Carpenters, We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Joel, Fran and Alloyious.

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Mei Sin

at 19 Skypark Residence   by Noven lim

We are very happy with Carpenters for making our dream home come true. And we are very fortunate to have a very experienced coordinator from Noven, who knows what we want & we are impressed by the results. Thank you Carpenters!

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Kim & JJ

at blk 82 Redhill Lane   by Jess Loo

Hi Carpenters team, I would like to write a testimonial for Ms. Jess Loo, our ID for house renovation. We are very fortunate to have Jess as our ID for house renovation at 82 Redhill Lane.

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Teo & Christine

at 102D Punggol Field   by Jimmy Li

We chose to work with Jimmy after talking to a few other selected ID from other companies as we found him sincere and truthful to his role.

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Cher Siong

at Kallang Trivista   by Max Yeoh

Hi, I like to write in to express my appreciation on Max’s assistance in helping us to design and build our house kitchen cabinet and Aquarium cabinet.

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Mei Sin

at Skypark Residence   by Noven Lim

Dear Carpenters, We would like to commend Noven, the designer for our EC for her efforts in helping us to design our dream house.

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Kelly and In Seng

at Skypark Residences   by Fran and Khir

Reno works @ Skypark Residences Good service via prompt follow-up and flexibility when we decided to extend our vinyl flooring to the entrance area.

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Mr Khoo Li wei

at Blk 316A Punggol way   by Cecilia Chiew

Hi Carpenters, I am writing in to give my compliments to Cecilia for her professional and excellent service.

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Natalie Aw

at blk 603 punggol road   by Shinny Hoe

Dear Sir / Madam, I would like to thank you Shinny the interior designer, she is great and provided good service to us during the discussion session and renovation period.

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Victor lee & Carine Chang

at Blk 3 Lush Acres   by Jimmy Li

Dear Jimmy, Thank you for your team's effort in making the renovation for our unit, lush Acres a success.

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Ng Quan Li

at Compassvale Mast 216D   by Jimmy Li

Dear Carpenters, My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Jimmy Li for his effort and commitment throughout our renovation journey!

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Jennie Quek

at Blk 557 AMK Ave 10   by Celest Ng

Hi Carpenters, I would like to sincerely thank and commend your interior designer, Celest Ng, and her team of contractors,

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Grace Lee

at Blk 15, Canberra Drive   by Eugene She

Dear Carpenters, I would like to thank Eugene She for the excellent work he has done for my house renovation.

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Stephanie Koo

at Dover Cresent   by Eugene She

I would like to share a little bit of our background and hope with that, you can understand how much we appreciate Eugene.

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Mr Lim

at Blk 291A Compassvale Street   by Xavier Goh

To Carpenters Interior Studio, I would like to thank Mr Xavier Goh’s coordination of my home renovation project @ Sengkang from Apr – Oct 2016.

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Mr Thomas Chew

at   by Jimmy Li

I would like to commend Jimmy for a job satisfyingly well done. Being without much contacts or references for a ID/contractor, I began diving into the internet for ideas.

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Mak & Veron

at Blk 21, Fernvale Lane   by Mr Eugene She

Dear carpenters management, My name is mak and I am a very satisfied customer of your service, thanks to the excellent work rendered by your designer mr Eugene She.

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Kenn And Janice

at 52 Sengkang Square   by Cecilia Chiew

Thank you Cecilia for creating a beautiful and cosy ambience for our home. From ideation to imagination off sketches to making it an amazing piece of reality,

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Rachel Lim

at 86 Punggol Parc Centros   by Jimmy Li

Hi, I would like to sincerely thanks the Carpenters for their superb workmanship in my home design and carpentry. Especially thanks to Jimmy who is the design who oversee the whole Reno process.

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Tang Xiao Lin

at Keat Hong Close Blk801A   by Noven Lim

To whom is concerned This is a testimonial for appreciation of Ms Noven Lim’s hard-work during my new flat interior design and construction.

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Joanne Char

at Malex medical asia   by Alloyious Koh

Hello, Carpenters. First and foremost, I would like to send my appreciation to Alloy Mak for helping me to rush out my office (MALEX Medical Asia) renovation with barely 2 weeks grace time.

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Ethan Li

at Central Grove   by Judi Lee

Hi Judi, Thank you for the amazing job you've done to complete our home in such a short time! Here are the top 10 things that we loved about working with you!

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Yenny Hassan

at Blk 194A Skyline 1 Bukit Batok   by Eugene She

Dear Carpenters, We would like to thank Eugene for his awesome design and coordination skills. During 1st appointment, we got a good vibe about him. He provided preliminary quotation earlier than the promised date.

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Mr Wong Pui Feng

at 54 Treasure Trove   by Evan Toh

We are very happy with Carpenters for making our dream home come true. And we are very fortunate to have a very experienced coordinator from Evan, who knows what we want & we are impressed by the results. Thank you Carpenters!

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Ryan & Elizabeth

at 38 Woodlands Drive Forestville   by Alloyious

We are very happy with Carpenters for making our dream home come true. And we are very fortunate to have a very experienced coordinator from Alloyious, who knows what we want & we are impressed by the results. Thank you Carpenters!

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Bonan Zhang

at La Fiesta Blk 45   by Max Yeoh

This is a feedback about ID Max Yeoh We are glad to have Max Yeoh as our Design ID.

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Mr Rio

at E maison, 30 Braddell Road   by Yvonne and Daryl

Dear Daryl and Yvonne, We would like to drop a short thank you note for a job well done to our new home.

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Mr Chee Kong

at Qbay Residences   by Zoey Tan

Hi Carpenters, We would like to write in to thank Zoey for renovating our house.

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Mr Richard

at 90 Punggol Central   by Xavier Goh

Hi Xavier and His team, I shall like to take this opportunity to thank you all for transforming my idea home into reality.

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Mr Yeo

at Woodlands Drive 16 Twin Fountain   by Isaac Choo

Hi Isaac, Finally the renovation of our new house has come to the end, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything!

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at Blk697C Jurong West Central 3   by Isaac Choo

Hi, I am writing to do a review/appraisal for my ID; Mr. Isaac Choo. My fiancee and I were not sure of what we wanted despite doing readings on articles etc

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Jack & Ada

at Choa Chu Kang Ave 2 Blk 251   by Noven Lim

I would like to thanks Carpenters for the renovation work done at my new home.

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Raye Teo

at 690D Choa Chu Kang Cresent   by Celest Ng

We bought a 5 room resale flat and needed a moderate make over. I approached 10 ID firms to quote us.

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Linda Lim

at 293a compassvale   by Judi Lee

Hello Carpenters, we would like to compliment Judi and Kaiden for our House design and renovations

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Michelle Chiang

at 62 river isles   by Bing Wong

Hi, I'm writing this testimonial in appreciation of the awesome job that Bing did for the renovation of our house

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at 12 Riversails   by Kris

To the management Would like to express our thanks to Kris.

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Ms Lina

at 72 Dakota Drive   by Lawrence Ho

We are very happy with Carpenters for making our dream home come true. And we are very fortunate to have a very experienced coordinator from Lawrence, who knows what we want & we are impressed by the results. Thank you Carpenters!

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Mr Koh

at 53 Flora Drive   by Evan

We are very happy with Carpenters for making our dream home come true. And we are very fortunate to have a very experienced coordinator from Evan, who knows what we want & we are impressed by the results. Thank you Carpenters!

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Steven Wee

at 3 elias green   by Celeste Ng

Four months ago I decided that my home need a makeover as the fixtures in the living room were getting old with age.

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Fahmy And Siti

at Compassvale Drive 216A   by Avia Yee

We are very happy with Carpenters for making our dream home come true. And we are very fortunate to have a very experienced coordinator from Avia

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Kenneth and Pui Feng

at 54 Punggol Walk   by Evan Toh

We got to know about carpenters while we were looking for an ID service near the end of April 2016 and we were assigned ID Even Toh for a non-obligatory meeting and discussion.

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Ryan and Eliz

at 38 woodlands dr 16 forestville   by Franciso and Alloyious

We would like to sincerely express our appreciation to ID team Mr Franciso Thng and Mr Alloyious Koh.

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Frankie & Stacy

at Blk 94,punggol parc centros   by Xavier Goh

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my ID, Xavier and his team for renovating my dream home. Although given a short time frame, he is able to listen to our requirements and delivered results.

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Alvin & Annie

at Hougang Ave 9   by Jimmy Li

will like to thank you ID Jimmy Li, He have been very helpful and friendly by providing us many ideas and design. He have been very patient with us for our many requests and changes.

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Yap & Sharon

at 57 Flora Drive   by Jimmy Li

We would like to thank you and the carpenters for the renovation work carried out on our new home. We are both ecstatic with the workmanship and detail put in.

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Richard Koh

at 57 Flora Drive   by Jimmy Li

would like to send in the following testimonial for Jimmy Li Jimmy is a friendly and approachable designer with good patience. He listens well to our design concepts and requirements, and also proposes options to enhance the cohesiveness of our home.

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Kevin & Tiffany

at Jurong West 684A Street 64   by Kris

We are very happy with Carpenters for making our dream home come true. And we are very fortunate to have a very experienced coordinator from Kris who knows what we want & we are impressed by the results. Thank you Carpenters!

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Jason & Faith

at 222 Bishan St 23   by Bing Wong

We would like to thank Bing Wong from Carpenters for renovating our first home. The renovation works of our home was done even more beautifully than we expected. The quality of the carpentry work was done superb. Thank you Carpenters!

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Alvin & Annie

at 923 Hougang Ave 9   by Jimmy Li

So overall I am very happy with his help because without any hesitation he would just help you anytime. If you call, he will call you back. So he's very helpful & we appreciate his hardwork. Thank you, Carpenters!

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Jun Jie Koh

at 511 Jelapang Road   by Shinny Hoe

Shinny has impressed us with her super-efficient response, example we still remembered we met her on a Saturday & she could deliver to us the updated floor plan layout TWO days later. And thereafter we pretty much settled our idea on the arrangement of the whole house with her professional advises within two weeks.

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Benny Y

at 458 Segar Meadows   by Lawrence Ho

With his help, we manage to move into our new house on time. Though a little touch up is still needed, but we do believe he will continue provide excellent after sales-service.

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Ms Simone

at 2A Bliss@Kovan   by Judi Lee

One of the very important requirements was creating storage space combined with a bright, clean, but yet cozy design. And we were amazed with what great ideas she came up with.

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Karen Tee

at HDB Punggol Vista   by Celest Ng

The overall time needed was rather short, they completed everything within three weeks. The end results was exactly as promise & the carpentry works look great.

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Mr Ng

at Waterway Brooks   by Isaac Choo

Thank you Carpenters Design for renovating my second home. We are very impressed with your workmanship. Thank you Carpenters.

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Sim Stephanie

at Parc Olympia   by Kris Neo

Overall the final work is impressive and the after-sales service was fantastic as well. I will definitely recommend her to people whom I know who are looking for an ID.

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Mr Pek

at Tampines Street   by Alloyious Koh

Thank you Carpenters for helping me realize my dreams. When I bought this unit, the kitchen is not functional & it was in a mess.

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Jason Bek

at Tampines   by Rex Zhang

I receive several compliments on those that came to my home. The carpentry work, electrical and painting were all professionally & skillfully done.

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Azmil & Wana

at Keat Hong Close   by Franciso Thng & Alloyious Koh

We are very lucky to have Carpenters renovate our house. They are very reliable, hardworking & also professional carpenters. So thank you Carpenters.

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James & Eunice

at Compassvale Crescent   by Rex Zhang

Then all the carpentry, all the renovation & workmanship are all quite well done & very good. The workers & the sub contractors, they were all very service oriented & very professional & we were very happy with almost all of them.

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Cheah Ee & Liya

at Admiralty Drive   by Zoey Tan

We are very happy with Carpenters for making our dream home come true. And we are very fortunate to have a very experienced coordinator from Zoey, who knows what we want & we are impressed by the results. Thank you Carpenters!

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Zhu Junchao

at 8 Riversuites   by Isaac Choo

Carpenters did a very good job in renovating my home. I had a very good experience with them. Thank you Carpenters for a good job done.

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at 18 Telok Kurau   by Xavier Goh

However, Xavier has been very helpful in arranging for defect teams to assist with some minor defects that were discovered after the hand over, which my husband and I are very appreciative of.

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WK Chui

at SIgnature Park Condo   by Alloyious Koh

Alloyious was friendly and easy to talk to; and he was very professional from the start to the end. After the budget quotation phase, we sat down to discuss about my preferences.

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Lionel Poh

at Tampines Heart   by Max Yeoh

Max also showed extensive knowledge in the area of interior design. He never failed to present possible designs, materials and colors of a particular item for me to select.

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Andrea Oo

at Oxley Bizhub 2   by Judi Lee

I would highly recommend Judi to anyone who needs an interior designer for her professionalism, commitment and her very good sense of design.

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at Waterwoods   by Franciso Thng

He monitored our project closely and was also obliging. A great designer to engage, down to earth and approachable. Definitely an asset to The Carpenters Design!

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Terence Yap

at Pingyi Greens   by Ange Ng

Definitely one company and ID to recommend to our friends!

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Annie Mok

at Sengkang East Way   by Rex Zhang

Thanks Rex, for the good job done. I loved the design. Good choice of color & material/products recommendation too.

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Kenny & Catherine

at HDB Rivervale Walk   by Jimmy Li

I'm glad that Jimmy was able to work with my budget and got the job done regardless.

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Silver Chia

at HDB The Meadows   by Lawrence Ho

We are extremely impressed by the service-ship and solutions provided to my home.

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Dexter Yeo

at 67 Sunrise Ave   by Lawrence Ho

I must say that the experience was a breeze and seamless one. Lawrence took huge effort to educate us on the most cost efficient way to renovate our place to our liking.

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Kar Peng

at Singapore   by Celest Ng

Celest was very professional, friendly, patient and helpful from the start to the end.

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Angelene Kee

at Pasir Ris One   by Franciso Thng

It was a good experience working with him. Thanks to Franciso and Team!

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Ng Kim Hua

at Thomson Grand Condo   by Celest Ng

After a few meetings and site visiting, despite a very tight time line (got the keys in CNY 2016), we were confident that Celest Ng should be able to design and deliver something that we want.

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Andy Tan

at Bliss@Kovan   by Judi Lee

We are happy with Judi's work. We are grateful to her for furnishing our home beautifully.

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Lily Png

at Palm Oasis   by Jammie Goh

She takes time to understand her customer's needs and tries her best to fulfill them.

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Venus M

at Mei Ling Street   by Zoey Tan

She has been helping me in furnishing, home decor and art to accentuate its best display.

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Wei Kwan Ng

at Dover Crescent   by Lawrence Ho

Renovation is not exactly the most pleasant experience but having Lawrence as the ID does help reduce the stress somewhat. Do continue to keep up the good work.

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Shama Bessaidi

at HDB Segar Vale   by Avia

I desperately needed the carpentry works to finish quickly & she ensured that the entire process was quickly completed! I was truly amazed.

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Paul & Jun Tan

at 105 Jalan Rajah   by Bing Wong

A very hands on ID whom readily available even in the wee hours to answer our queries and worries.

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James Lim

at Ripple Bay   by Franciso Thng

He had done a great job for renovating my house, the quality of the work is excellent and the project was completed on time.

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Swee Siang Kang

at HDB Sun Bliss   by Eugene She

As a customer, we are satisfied and will definitely recommend to our friend who wish to renovate their dream house. Once again, thanks to everyone from the Carpenters Design Group, especially Eugene She!

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Nathaniel Yeo

at HDB Fernvale Rivergrove   by Kris Neo

Her service level and creative ideas are excellent. She had help us build out a dream home that suit our style and personality.

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Alan Tan

at Sky Terrace   by Jammie Goh

She made everything happen despite the tight timeline and made our dream home possible

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Gabriel Seah

at 32D Palm Isles   by Judi Lee

Will definitely recommend Carpenters and Judi to anyone that needs their home renovated.

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Lee Kok Soon

at HDB Ping Yi Greens   by Eugene She

Despite the tight deadline, he managed to helped us planned and co-ordinate to complete the renovation in very orderly manner.

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at Anchorvale Road   by Max Yeoh

A thumbs up for him. Great job!

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Jack Tay

at Marsiling Rise   by Isaac Choo

Looking at my beautiful home now which is almost fully furnished, I have to say that Isaac's design and vision are great.

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Adrian Chong

at Segar Road   by Rex Zhang

A big thank you to our ID Rex, for design & renovated our new standard flat into a most beautiful & modern contemporary home.

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Jeslyn Ang

at Twin Waterfalls   by Zoey Tan

Her diligent, responsive and was always available to answer our calls and accommodate to all our requests.

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Ng Kang Wei

at Dakota Crescent   by Jammie Goh

The interior design of the house was remarkable and has modernized the house. Your team and you have done a wonderful job and my family is satisfied with the result.

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Jay Choo

at Sengkang West Avenue   by Addy Goh

I know I found a sincere ID who is willing to listen and offer his proposals to address customer's needs.

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Andrew Leong

at Waterway Sunbeam   by Jammie Goh

You updated us on the work progress and we really appreciate the effort you have put in.

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Bell Lee

at Rio Casa   by Xavier Goh

Amid the unexpected issues, his sincerity & friendliness towards helping to complete the whole renovation projects is very much commendable and appreciated.

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Chan Koh

at Singapore   by Rex Zhang

Rex not only acts as a design consultant but also helps in coordination of the schedule of all the works (electricity, painting, carpentry etc.) to ensure that the schedule could be met.

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Daniel Goh

at Pasir Ris One   by Eugene She

Eugene carefully coordinated the intricacies of the renovation, liaising with workers of different specialties in the hectic schedule to meet the tight deadline.

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Guat Luan Ng

at Lor 1 Toa Payoh   by Lawrence Ho

Lawrence demonstrated high professionalism – he is attentive to our needs, quick to respond, highly efficient and is always available when contacted.

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CR Phua

at Palm Gardens   by Ange Ng

Ange helped us achieve quite an artistic masterpiece for our first home. For anyone who needs a fast, good and value for money job, we will recommend Ange anytime.

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at 105 Bishan St 12   by Addy Goh

A company’s success is built through the best given by its people to the work that they do and it is those like him that the company wants to hold on to.

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at Edelweiss Park Condo   by Bing Wong

You may be young but you are responsive and professional. You are indeed someone who is reliable and personal and present the company with class.

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at Costa Ris   by Addy Goh

Honesty, contactable, up front about things no matter how bad, responsible, followed up even after handing over to us. He got things done according to his proposed time line. These are things that I feel should be taken into account when selecting your contractor or ID.

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at 471C Fernvale Street   by Addy Goh

It is not difficult to find an interior designer with great designs; but it is not easy to get a designer who is able to follow through and ensure the best quality of the finished product.

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Alex Tan

at Blossom Residences   by Franciso Thng

From Day 1 through the whole renovation process, Mr Thng demonstrate an impressive level of his knowledge and professionalism. A guy that always prepare and advise us on our queries we raised.

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at Singapore   by Rex Zhang

I recently was helped by Rex Zhang on a carpentry issue. He helped find someone who fixed a slat for a very expensive baby cot and was a life saver. He was SOOO unbelievably helpful!

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Abdul Ghani

at Montreal Link   by Shirley Cheng

We are highly grateful and extremely pleased with the level of service she had rendered to us. We would highly recommend her services to our family and friends.

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at Jurong West St 25   by Roy Teo

He is dedicated and gave us his view of suggestion for interior design and of course gave us a lot of good options in choosing materials and recommending shops and we were very much pleased with his service, he is very friendly and honest towards the whole Reno project.

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Yunos Ismail

at Punggol Topaz   by Bing Wong

He had been meticulous with our details and exceptionally helpful in finding sources for our lighting and other materials. Throughout the renovation, he was exceptionally responsive and responsible in handling the contractors.

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Aaron Tan

at Kim Pong Road   by Bing Wong

The delivery for the project was top notch as well. Bing and the carpenters worked hand in hand on the finest details to get it right. its not everyday you can get an ID who is willing to get hands on as well.

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at Rainforest   by Franciso Thng

The actual deliverables are very much matching to the rendering we recieved with our inputs of color and material selections. Franciso's project supervisory ability is excellent on handling workflows and timelines

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Daniel & Irene

at The Trivelis   by Kris Neo

We are very appreciative of her professionalism and happy with the quality provided. We have recommended her to our friends.

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Ms Kavitha

at Hedges Park Condo   by Bing Wong

I'd like to say a big thank you to you guys and my ID person Bing for the great job on my Condo. Though the task assigned to Bing was small, he did a fantastic job. He was very patient and tolerant to my requests. He finished the task in a timely and clean manner.

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Patrine Chua

at Dahlia Park   by Rex Zhang

Even though it was not their so called big project, Carpenters took up the order n within a matter of days, did the job beautifully for me.

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Lukman Pau Susilo

at Punggol Way   by Shirley Cheng

Throughout the few weeks of conceptualization, preparation and down to the actual execution, we felt assured as Shirley kept us updated on the progress. We sincerely appreciate her responsiveness and the way she handle customers.

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Soon Ann

at The Trevelis   by Rex Zhang

I am glad that Rex had undertake the project to renovate my unit. All along the renovation, his replies were swift and fast. Even at our third meeting, he had come out with a sketch within minutes which was impressive. Overall i am very satisfied with his and carpenters service

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Danny & Shiqi

at Tampines Central 7   by Addy Goh

Overall, the renovation was a job well done and we are also very pleased with the quality of work that has been produced by carpenters and their sub-contractors. We have also received a lot of positive comments from our relative and friends that visited our place and since recommended them to Addy.

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Mr & Mrs Lau

at Eight Courtyards   by Addy Goh

I feel Addy has significant potential and is a highly valued member of the Carpenters team. His and his team performances during this project was exceptional and I look forward to working with him on future projects.

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Caitlin Oh

at Terrasse Lane   by Bing Wong

In view of the constraint space we have in our new house, he is able to provide us with constructive proposal to make it a beautiful home. He is always there when we need him and he will supervise the project for us even when he is unwell. He is quick in responses which I really like and he is a responsible and hardworking and young professional.

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Raj & Patricia

at Telok Blangah Rise   by Ange Ng

My wife and I would like to thank you for doing a great job with our 3 room resale HDB flat. We moved in a few weeks ago and we are very pleased with the renovation.

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Thomas Family

at Pasir Ris Dr 4   by Ange Ng

My family loves how our home has turned out and really appreciate the inputs from a designer's perspective from the tiles/colour selection to the space planning. Ange has been very patient and assuring from the many appts we have had with her prior to confirmation and has conducted herself very professionally.

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Tommy and Carina

at Hougang Ave 8   by Bing Wong

Excellent workmanship. Our coordinator, Bing is responsible and approachable. Overall, a job well done. Entire process was smooth and we had enjoyed every bit of it. Definitely worth every cent. Bing, excellent and a big thank you!

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Mrs Christina Keilthy

at Sommerville Park   by Lawrence Ho

My husband and I are very happy with our newly-renovated home and our friends have all commented about the fine finishing of the work. Lawrence comes highly recommended and should we be needing any further work to be done, we would definitely request for Lawrence to be in charge of the project.

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Andy Tan

at Belysa EC   by Kris Neo

Last but not least, we are glad to have engage your company and thankful to have Kris as our ID for all her efforts in making our new place a pleasant one to live in.

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Mr and Mrs Chang

at Compassvale Drive   by Ange Ng

We are very pleased with your company's standard of workmanship in carpentry works. Our families and friends have commented on how nice things look. Thank you!

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Willy & Alicia

at Belysa EC   by Addy Goh

My husband and I are very pleased with his professionalism in handling our renovation work. Even when small issues do arise, his response are prompt and things are resolved efficiently.

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Fiona Koh

at Sembawang Crescent   by Zoey Tan

From planning to completion, it has been a delightful experience for me which is beyond my expectation, all because my ID is Zoey Tan.

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Benjy and Lee Hua

at Commonwealth Close   by Kris Neo

We are sure that not many companies that we have approached initially, are able to give us an equivalent or better product than we have now.

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Masitah Ismail

at 404 Tampines St.41   by Zoey Tan

I cannot thank Zoey enough who had taken care to almost everything and I trusted her judgement. Her niche for detailed work and great timeline management is absolutely commendable.

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John and Sharon

at Senja Road   by Yen Lau

Would definitely recommend Carpenters to others who wish to build their dream home. Rest assured that your house is well taken care of. All you need to do is sit down and relax and prepare to move in to a lovely home!

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Lim Poh Yeow and Family

at 161B Punggol Central   by Eugene She

We would not hesitate to refer him to any of our relatives or friends who are thinking of renovating their house and would consider engaging his services again if we intend to buy another house in the foreseeable future. We wish him all the best in his future working endeavors.

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Gloria Ho and Family

at Vista Residences   by Addy Goh

We were provided with quotations that listed costs item by item, No hidden costs awaited us as we made our progressive payments.

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Dr Chan Wai Ho

at Austville Residences   by Lawrence Ho

He is knowledgeable and professional. He did his best to help us to renovate our home as soon as possible with no drop in quality, so we managed to move in on time. I will choose Carpenters for my future home renovation.

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Fadhli and Family

at 571 Limbang Green   by Addy Goh

The best part is when i’m overseas, work was all well done without me being there. Problems do arise, however, all was well managed and resolved. Good job carpenters!

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Faidzal and Fara

at Commonwealth   by Yen Lau

My husband and I would like to extend our thanks and appreciation towards Carpenters especially to Mr. Yen for making it possible for us to have our home done within the tight timeline.

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Zainuddin and family

at Yishun St 71   by Yen Lau

Mr Yen's responsiveness & quality of work was extremely impressive for my renovation works. He is trustworthy, efficient & reliable.

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Kamsani Masjore and Family

at Blk 369 Tampines Street 34   by Yen Lau

Overall we were pleased with his service/ follow-up service after the completion and would not hesitate to recommend Carpenters to others contemplating renovation.

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Daniel and Sharon

at Senja Road   by Yen Lau

We practically left the entire renovation works to the hands of Carpenters and they have proven to provide top notch services which is second to none. Yen from Carpenters gave us the assurance and also the comfortable feel factor which made the renovation works seamless.

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Ms Djuanita And Family

at Marsiling Lane   by Yen Lau

I would like to express my greatest gratitude towards Carpenters for making my dream home come true

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Ms Wati

at Fernvale Road   by Yen Lau

Overall I'm pleased with my new kitchen cabinet. The furnish looks good and well made.

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Mrs Chua

at Serangoon North Ave 4   by Yen Lau

Together with the friendly workers, this had created a friendly atmosphere in my house during the renovation work.

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Taqin and Siti

at Segar Meadows   by Yen Lau

We finally settled with not only the one that fits our budget but also most importantly, the one that we are the most comfortable working with.

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Stephen Hoe

at Blk 867A Tampines   by Yen Lau

I would like to send my utmost gratitude to Carpenters for a job well done.

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Yihao and Elaine

at Block 117 Edgefield Plains   by Yen Lau

Thanks Carpenters for creating our perfect dream home. Your project supervisor has been most kind and patient as we may be a bit indecisive at times, but enough guidance has been rendered to us to make the best and appropriate material choice. We have come to acquire a lot of knowledge in interior, thanks to the various advise and experience-sharing by the sales designer.

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Miss Su

at 655 Jalan Tenaga   by Yen Lau

Thank you Carpenters for your creative ideas, in building up my dream home. I am very surprised that you can create various wonders for my 15 years old house by proposing fantastic tiling and glass design for a complete makeover. Thank you for your ideas, and most importantly your patience with me.

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Paul Tan

at ERA Marketing Director   by Carpenters

Personal service is the difference in this competitive industry that is why I am confident they will do a good job.

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Peter Loh

at ERA Division Director   by Carpenters

Providing clients with the best and utmost quality service is the ultimate key to satisfaction and future referrals, which is why I believe in Carpenters

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Kelvin and Sharon

at Blk 296C Compassvale Drive   by Yen Lau

I'm very satisfied with the workmanship and the people who put in so much effort to make it happen for me & my family. An honest yet caring company to work with. Thank You so much for the experience Carpenters & Designer Yen!

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George Goh

at 122 Hougang Ave 1   by Yen Lau

Initially, I had 4 different contractors on hand, Carpenters was one of them. Mr Yen sent a designer cum contractor to me. Eventually, It appeared that Carpenters is the most sincere and reliable one.

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