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Earth-Toned for You

How would you like your entertainment room? A black and white color scheme is not your sole option anymore, but being too colorful has its pitfalls too.

Have you ever walked into a room and regretted doing so because the room’s colors are so bright? And when we say bright it is like an onslaught of colors just blasted right through your eyes. Bad color combination plus the use of neon colors that contrasted against one another in an eye-gouging way is one of the worst crimes in interior design ever, probably one of the sure-fire signs that you need interior design Singapore.

A doll’s house might be known for using bright candy colors too. But at least the colors work with one another. Kids get educated with interior design at an early age that way. Some do end up becoming the interior designer of their own condominium unit.

This is the reason why some interior design Singapore concepts today delved into using earth-toned motifs. It relaxes the eyes and highlights the natural raw materials used in some furniture like wicker. For tropical climates like Singapore, wicker helps in keeping the air flow in furniture consistently free-flowing. From love seats to sofas, wicker is very helpful in setting the earth tone in interior design Singapore.

Some are pretty hesitant in using earth tones for their interiors. They fear that wooden walls or beige wallpapers might come across as too dark when walking into a room. Well no earth shade is too dark as long as there would be items that would contrast with it like a fluorescent lamp encased in a metal box weaved with gray chicken wire to let the light plush out of the box. Almost like a lampshade but bright enough to light the room, it is the best centerpiece to hang above the dining table as the family ate their dinner.

Interior design Singapore embraced the organic look – retaining the natural colors of the furniture to highlight the raw materials used in making them. It coordinated best with off-white walls and cream-colored cushions that were on top of the wicker sofas. But interior design doesn’t rely too much on it. Some rooms have dark-colored fainting couches with beige throw pillows on them in coordination with a copper-toned TV rack opposite it. Certain entertainment rooms deliberately use dark earth tones so that whenever there is a DVD marathon going on, the dark interiors would give the room a cinematic feel.

For a city state concerned with utilizing whatever little space there is in condominium units, interior design Singapore is sure to find ways to push its boundaries without compromising quality. Make sure you check out our portfolio page to see what Carpenters Productions have to show or visit our Lights N Showers accessories at http://www.lightsnshowers.com.sg/

Cutting Edge Interior Design Singapore For Your Kitchen

If you have a penchant for cooking, the kitchen will surely be the part of your house you spend a lot of time in. Kitchens that are fully functional and painstakingly laid out let you cook in style. Stylish interior design Singapore for your kitchen allows you to maximize your space and provide a comfortable area. Even if your budget is limited, creating a contemporary kitchen is not hard to achieve.

Here are some interior design Singapore ideas to consider:

  • If you want to be an interior designer for a day or two, your kitchen will be the first area of your house that you need to liven up. In terms of renovation, you do not have to purchase expensive items. All you need is to select items that are eye-catching and can transform a dull-looking kitchen into an attention grabber. The best venues for great kitchen items that will not cost you an arm and a leg are garage and flea markets. Try a wood finish if you cannot afford hardwood. However, you need to maintain wood finish on a regular basis because it is not as durable as hardwood.
  • Another interior design Singapore kitchen idea to consider is creating a complete list of appliances that you will need for your kitchen. In the principle of interior design, less will always be more. Your kitchen space becomes too crowded when you still keep items you no longer need. Only use kitchen essentials and keep unnecessary ones.
  • Kitchen interior design Singapore also involves giving cabinets, cupboards and counters a whole new look without buying new ones. If these storage spaces are still in mint condition, try repainting them. Singapore interior design for your kitchen cabinets only follows three simple steps: sand, prime and paint. Do not immediately paint your cabinets without sanding and applying primer on them. Sanding and priming your cabinets and kitchen counters prior to painting them can create a clean finish.
  • Your kitchen will also acquire interior design Singapore if you are going to create a marble finish. Real marbles are expensive, but using a few painting techniques will definitely do the marble trick. It helps if you browse a few pages of painting catalogues for more unique painting ideas for your kitchen.

One of the characteristics of interior design Singapore is that it is trendy and out of the ordinary. Preparing food for your family, friends and colleagues will be more fun when your kitchen space is greatly inspired by interior design Singapore.