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Get The Perfect Kitchen With These 6 Pointers

Kitchen is where most of the interaction and conversation happens and wanting to have a perfect kitchen where style and functionality work together is a dream come true.

But before you start on your kitchen project, here are some things you need to consider for a smooth sailing project as encourage by Singapore interior designer.

1. Identify Your Goal

Just like any other project, you need to determine your goal. What is the purpose of the renovation? What do you want to achieve in your renovation project? Is it for comfort, aesthetic or functionality? Once you know what to achieve, write it down so you can start working on your project.

2. Mood Board

Planning ahead will save cost and time. If you want to achieve a certain look, visualize and collect elements that you wish to incorporate in the kitchen. Imagine the tiles, colours, dining sets and other accessories in a mood board and slowly go through it.

3. Pay Attention To The Details

We tend to overlook the details because we like to focus on the big elements. The real beauty is actually in the details. Create your personal style by choosing the fixtures and appliances personally.

4. Consider Your Appliances

When renovating your kitchen, always consider your appliances such as refrigerator, stove, oven or microwave to make sure it fits into the space you are trying to remake.

5. Consider Your Schedule

Do not attempt to renovate your kitchen during your busiest month. If you want to have the perfect kitchen, you need to personally monitor the progress of the project. Check if everything is in place and identify anything that is not right.

6. Choose Timeless Design

We all love modern and popular looks but if you want to save money, opt for timeless designs. Fad will fade and this is not a wise move to make if you are financially careful.

Kitchen renovation can be challenging but if it yields the right result, certainly it will worth every penny you spend.

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How To Decorate Your Child’s Room – The Do’s and Don’ts

Do you want to create a room for your kids that allows them to rest, play and learn at the same time? Do you find it difficult to incorporate style and functionality at the same time?

The truth is, these two aspects can go together all you need is some guidance on what you can do and what you should avoid to achieve a beautiful room for your kids.

Decorating the children room can be time consuming and costly since they may not be able to identify what is important and what is not. One thing you need to understand when decorating a kid’s room is to be able to reflect their personality in the room while maintaining its functionality.

How Decorate Your Child’s Room – The Do’s and Don’ts

The Do’s

Built In Shelves/Cabinets

Any interior designer will encourage you to build in cabinets, shelves or desks are long term investment for your child’s room. It can be use as study space, organizing books and décor stuffs.

Once your kids are all grown up, you will convert the room to become the guest room and these built in shelves can be utilize as a storage space for guests.

Be Creative with Accessories

Accessories are great alternative to bring in life and personality into the room. You don’t have to buy expensive stuff just to follow a trend because there are plenty of DIYs you can do to create cool elements in the room.

Kids will eventually grow and will want another trend and buying expensive décor is not a cost saving moves.

High Quality

One thing you need to spend serious money when decorating their room is quality furniture such as bed and dressers.

These types of furniture last long and can be use for generations. When you kids are no longer kids, you can use their room and furniture for the guest.

The Don’ts

Put Your Imagination in Their Room

As much as you think a certain décor or colour may fit into their room, do not put your imagination into their space. Always ask what they want so they can express their personality into their own space. This is a part of making the space their own.

Spend too Much

Before setting out to renovate and decorate your kid’s room, make sure to set a budget to avoid overspending. Allow the kids to list down their desired stuffs and prioritize 3 things that you deem important and the rest you will buy when the budget permits.

Buy Twin Beds

Buying furniture for your kids can be challenging but the most important aspect to consider is the longevity and durable of the things you are buying especially the bed.

Since you kids will grow in size, twin beds offers limited usability. Choose instead full size bed because it can be use for a long time.

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