Small Space, Sleek Positioning

No space is too small for an interior design Singapore expert. Never underestimate the beauty and function of the minimalist look because no interior designer ever did.

Some units are large but the unit owners were not able to utilize the available space to the fullest extent. On the other hand, even 1-bedroom-type of units in condominiums could manage to even insert a mini-bar to separate the living from the kitchen with the bedroom as the only section of the unit separated by walls. That is amazing but the owners would prefer to treat it as a reward to themselves for something that went right in the interior design Singapore project.

When the unit is small but you would still like to have it decorated with the help of interior design Singapore concepts, stick to the basics. Some of the best looking sofas are those that are colored jet black with a couple of white throw pillows. Choose the comfortable set. The comfort need not to be exclusive to the guests. If this is the place where you live, then live. Have a carpet under the sofas and a love seat close to the coffee table. The coffee table need not have the same color as the cushioned sofas but should not look out-of-place in the living room when placed in the same spot as the chairs and the love seat. In interior design today, painting the room cream or off-white would help reflect the sunlight that enters the room and brighten the area. Note that dark colors absorb light and light colors reflect light.

In finding a way to design the kitchen, pick the colors to use in that part of the condominium unit first. Black and white is conventional but a classical choice in interior design Singapore. Never too safe, it might even help in choosing colors for the appliances that you put in the kitchen. A stylish color for the refrigerator would be metallic gray with parallel lines giving the fridge door a slick finish. A black electric stove would be nice to put on the black marble tiles by the kitchen complemented with a knife set that has a knife holder also colored marble black. The space under the sink would have drawers with which to keep some potholders and cleaning rags and a cupboard underneath where you keep the Teflon utensils for safe-keeping. If this sounded simple, just keep in mind that when it comes to the minimalist interior design Singapore look, less is more. Style should not only look pleasing to the eyes but also functional in your everyday life. It’s one of the driving forces behind renovation in Singapore.

With the minimalist look becoming an interior design Singapore trend today, there is no use complaining anymore about spaces too small for a little extra.