Shades of Grey in Modern Interior Design Singapore Style

There are 50 shades of grey that does not involve erotic ideas of designing your unit. Charcoal grey for your sofa would be a good start for interior design in Singapore.

Slick, stylish units tend to learn towards the darker versions of grey not that they veer toward a darker view of their condominiums based on sample works of interior design in Singapore today. There is a mysterious appeal that some folks can’t help but find a dark grey couch in a sleepy night inviting. Most of the time in interior design in Singapore, this is to serve as contrast to some offices that have brightly-colored interiors with some light beige cubicles to separate the desks.

At home, the space is all yours. If you are too tired to make it to the bedroom, the black couch by the living room is lovely enough for even just a short nap since there would be some throw pillows to rest your head with. The throw pillows can easily be spotted even in a room devoid of light since they are mostly light-colored, the palest grey if possible. Not as grey as the big speaker beside the flat-screen TV but light enough to be seen under minimal to almost no light in consistency with how interior design in Singapore treats color schemes.

Use curtains that could easily be mistaken as grey only turned out to be lace curtains with fine embroidered Oriental designs that would flow slowly with the breeze when the window is slightly open. Even if you close the glass pane window behind the curtains, they still look beautiful with the rich texture running through your fingers as you touch what interior design in Singapore. A nice feel to have before giving in to your heavy eyelids and you decide to sleep on the couch.

Black is a good choice for curtain color for the bedroom, especially when you like to get some sleep even until high noon during the weekends. Ash grey or charcoal grey would be a good alternative though. In interior design in Singapore today, while black is a versatile color to use in designing your bedroom, it tends to lean on the safe side. A little variety in terms of the overall look of your place would result to a more restful ambience. Interior design in Singapore is best known for the bold colors that shy away from the comfort zone i.e. black or white. Interiors should not be just plain black or white anymore. That is what the shades of grey are for.