What Rocks in 2013 Singaporean Interior Designs?


Interior design in Singapore has prospered over the past decade. Over the years, it has showcased a thousand of different styles and has successfully integrated a thousand of different influences. And until recently, interior designers have started founding different events to better show this to the people. Design expositions and fairs have been launched in and around the country with the goal of uplifting the interior design Singapore industry through collaborations and attracting markets.

These expositions of interior design in Singapore are done usually yearly, and are not exclusive to Singaporeans. One example is the International Furniture Fair Singapore that is held annually inviting different furniture companies from all over the world to showcase their designs. Artists and businessmen alike gather together not to compete with one another but to learn from one another’s works. One of the highlights of the event is that the participants who bring in the best products in the fair win exciting awards! Well, this is an annual event for interior designers and furniture makers to have fun and celebrate their talents. This is also a great time for clients to look for the pieces that befit their style and personalities, which they can use for their homes and offices. Exhibits like this show how successful the industry of interior design in Singapore is.

So the questions here now are, “What is the future of interior designers in Singapore?” “What will be the new innovations and trends in the interior design in Singapore this 2013?” These questions will definitely get you excited and serious, so let’s go ahead and see what’s in for 2013!

To give your house a classic look, wood has always been the material to use in interior design. It comes from different sources, and different finishing gives off a different feel of your house. A light-coloured wood conveys a fresh atmosphere while the dark one emanates sophistication and elegance.

Versatility and functionality are the interior design Singapore trends right now. It is amazing to know that they work together in glass materials plus the fact that it’s never out of style. However, glass materials can be expensive and dangerous especially for kids. Extra care must be needed if you want to use this.

But everything will be useless without comfort. So, it is definitely included in our list. Buy furniture that doesn’t only look good but also feels good. Chairs shouldn’t be rough and edgy because these might even damage your skin in the long run.

Interior design Singapore has really gone a long way but it doesn’t forget comfort and functionality. Colours and looks are worth noting for but be sure that they don’t get into the way of comfort. Interior design in Singapore continues to grow because it doesn’t only focus on the appearance but also on the most vital aspects of design.