Renovation and Interior Design Singapore

Whenever someone is planning to revamp their whole place, two things come to mind at once—renovation and interior design decorating. These two things always go hand in hand. Once you had your house renovated, it’s time for you to focus on its interior design Singapore. But usually, before people decide to renovate their homes or commercial places, they would have to present their ideal interior design first. In that way, it would be easy to pin-point which areas are need to be done and which areas could stay the same as it is.


The renovations will always depend on how the place should be designed. As the saying goes, “Form follows function”. Thus, the renovation contractor Singapore must be aware of the other plans that are meant for the room so they could exhibit the best renovations that are appropriate for the area’s interior design. They might even offer other alternative ideas that would help enhance the look of the place and some innovative options that the client might want to consider. The general look and feel of the place will always be affected by how it was renovated and the technology and design enhancement structures and figures that were used. Though it is not always necessary to undergo renovations just to revamp the whole place because interior design Singapore can already change the whole feel of the place, renovations will emphasize the certain vibe that one wants to feel in that place, especially when there’s a prospective theme for the area’s interior design.

For example, a homeowner wants the whole place to look somewhat medieval. Therefore furniture like heavy wood with intricate designs showing a gothic feel and draperies and all other fabric should be in deep red or blue colors in velvet or chenille should do the trick. But the whole place would look more medieval if the walls and the floors are in heavy stone or dark wood to enhance the whole medieval theme. The furniture and interior design decoration may be able to tell anyone who enters the room that the room’s theme is medieval, but heavy wooden floors and medieval-inspired home structure will give a more breathtaking and unforgettable view.

The best part is, even if the furniture inside does not really scream what the theme is, as long as the place’s structure is following a certain theme, then the whole vibe of the place will still follow after the theme. This is why renovations are a huge factor in interior design Singapore.