The Treehouse Condo

Well, we did demolish the whole kitchen, and redid and design the kitchen. Well, we actually combined a 4 sitter dining table, together with the island. So it can act as a working top if there are various chefs, or as a spacious dining table.

Well, to maximize storage space, we did a full height feature wall, with ample storage up to 2.7m high. And not just boring cabinets, yet not that sophisticated afterall. With a perfect choice of dark walnut colour, and careful tactics of cove lighting, cabinets are boring no more.
And yes the feature wall, is combined with the final finishing of brazilian marble, nope we are just kidding. They are finished with laminate, yes a fine grade laminate finishing.

And if u think the storage are just at the front, think again. The corridor walls are actually beautifully extended, forming another hidden storage just behind the luxurious sofa. The doors are finished with tea mirror, forming yet another illusion of a plain feature.

Yes we did combined 2 bedrooms together for the kids, enhancing their little sense of security. With a boy and a girl, and to combine both extremely strong feature bedhead, we had to make a careful choice of wallpaper to neutralize the effect.

Well, if u want hotel feel, we give u a hotel feel. The excellent choice of pine carpet, fits in perfectly with the smart choice of mild Victorian bedhead feature. A simple console that is created and customized to the entertainment system. Stay in a hotel eveyday.

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