Our Carpentry


To make or break an interior design, carpentry plays the most crucial part in beautifying and enhancing any original simple spaces.

That is why, at Carpenters, we understand.
Our mission is to provide only the finest quality of carpentry works, exhibiting our years of experience and workmanship through every single plank, every single nail, every single laminate that we use.

Our choice of Materials

Solid Plywood Carpenters

At Carpenters, our choice of material is always solid plywood. Solid plywood is basically the combinations of various thin sheets of wood veneer, and one of the most widely used wood products in the world. 
Solid plywood is resistance to cracking, shrinkage, splitting, and twisting/warping, due to its generally high strength. 
Other cheaper alternatives for wood carcass may include particleboard, or MDF, which are pulverized wood. They are a lot cheaper, denser and more uniform than plywood, and are usually used for cheap and mass productions. These materials are prone to expansion and discoloration due to moisture.   

Our choice of Finishing Materials

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Laminates or High Pressure Laminate (HPL) are made up of different layers of papers soaked in chemical resins which are then compressed under heat and high pressure to produce the laminates.

At Carpenters, we only use the market’s highest quality laminates, in combination with our workmanship, to deliver near to perfection final products for all our clients.

For cleaning of laminates:

Normal stains & Dirt
E.g. Oil and dirt particles, finger-marks, lime deposits, rust, juice, coffee, tea, wax, blood, universal marker, etc.
Cleaning Method: Use dry or damp paper towels, a cloth or sponge.

Heavy stains & Dirt
E.g. Discoloration through long exposure to tea, coffee, fruit juice and etc.
Cleaning Method: Use washing powder or ordinary liquid detergent (non-acidic) or ammoniated liquid. (*do not repeat too often)
E.g. Paint (water or solvent based paints, two-component paints, spray paints), varnish stains, printing ink.
Cleaning Method: Use water or an organic solvent. Remove two-component paints immediately before it sets in.
E.g. Lead pencil, felt-tip pen, marker and ball-point pens, lipstick, crayons, wax, shoe polish, nicotine, nail varnish
Cleaning Method: Use an organic solvent such as acetone (nail varnish remover), methylated spirits, petroleum spirit, and perchloroethylene. Read the solvent instructions carefully before use!
E.g. Two-component adhesives, urea resin, melamine, phenolic resin
Cleaning Method: Remove immediately! Do not allow it to harden on surface!
E.g. Adhesives (water-based, dispersion)
Cleaning Method: Use water or organic solvent.

Our Carpentry Gadgets

At Carpenters, we are the authorized carpenter for various innovative gadgets and products in the market, some of the vendors are:
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