Practical Tips by Interior Design Singapore for Creating Bigger Bathrooms  



When it comes to remodeling small baths, contractors of interior design Singapore offer solutions for increasing the space necessary for unrestricted movement. Since living in a shoebox apartment and condominium is becoming a popular choice among many city dwellers, the tendency is that they have to deal with the cramped bathrooms among other space-related problems. Fortunately, through the progressive practice of interior design in Singapore, these small bathrooms can be transformed into more breathable spaces with just the right amount of essentials. The following ideas by interior design experts allow you to explore the space-saving possibilities for your bathroom.

Choose Showerhead

Many bathroom configurations that have become prominent in interior design Singapore include shower stalls that take up only a minimum floor space. These overhead fixtures rely on the vertical space (walls), thereby giving you enough room for movement across the stall. You may also be tempted to add a bathtub but if you feel the need to have one, it should be placed just under the showerhead. Allocating another area for this fixture will work against your preferred design principle which is to save as much space as possible.

Opt for Smaller Plumbing Fixtures

The size of the basin, toilet and faucets can be reduced if the bathroom is too small to allow movement. Contractors for renovation in Singapore typically suggest changing the plumbing configurations for bathrooms with little floor area. Take note that while opting for smaller fixtures reduces the presence of bulky elements in the room, doing so may compromise function and comfort. Hence, Singapore renovation experts recommend plumbing fixtures which dimensions are proportionate to the vertical and horizontal spaces of the bathroom.

Install Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a practical alternative to the swing-open type due to their space-saving design. The panels simply slide over the other, which allows you to make more use of the remaining floor area. For shower stalls, you may choose between frosted glass panels for privacy and a full-surface composite for extra durability.

Use Bright Tiles

Ceramic tiles have a translucent property which enables them to reflect the light across the room. Choosing the pristine white color for these tiles creates an impression of a wider bathroom especially when the lights are on. Do not go for marbled patterns or darker hues such as gray and maroon as they tend to lend a closed-in feeling due to the colors absorbing the light. It is alright to use tiles with intricate details for aesthetics, albeit experts of interior design Singapore suggest keeping them at a minimum.