Carpenters: Journey at 57 Flora Drive with Jimmy Li ( Creative Designer )


We are with Jimmy Li, our Carpenters’ Creative Designer who have input his creative design to give the owner of 57 Flora drive apartment a marvellous make over for his new nest.
In interior Designing, indeed devils is in the details, There are small nuances and tricks that can be the difference to transform a normal apartment to your favourite style.

A fact from Jimmy: a great design job requires the designer to have good listening skills and observation to your customers’ needs. Without the much needed skills, you are far away from achieving what they really want.

What makes a space interesting? By putting in things we love and our interest. So if you love an old trunk to pieces or you love your toy figurines – incorporate your love into the décor and see your room transform.


Whether you are looking to add a statement piece or just want to fill an empty corner or table – bringing plants indoor adds depth and character to any room. It can add the vibrancy to some rooms, break an industrial looking décor and it is always good to have some natural earthy vibes in a space.


We believe that lighting is essential to good décor, Instead of going for a single source of light – let there be many a sources of light. This helps in setting depth and mood and also gives you a wider choice of how much light you need at different times in a day.
These pleated window blinds could do some help in light conservation because you can adjust how much light enter the room adequately.


So how many cushions is essential and balanced? while many brilliant living rooms with god-knows-how-many cushions on the sofa, it is a struggle to know an optimum number. So, it turns out you should be never go for one pair – the minimum that looks visually appealing is 2 pairs.


Jimmy Li, our creative designer though he has some creative hands as he used to be a top hair stylist before switching lines. He was also a site manager in the past so he is very familiar with co ordination work and enjoys following customers to shopping and choosing furnitures with them for their new home. Carpenters is fortunate to have him as his creative thinking and passion for design has exceeded expectations for this project makeover, making it a definite success for a sleek classic Scandinavian yet modern interior style for this apartment.

He treats every home design as his master Piece, he feels a sense of satisfaction if his customers gets him involved through out the entire process of their renovation, from designing to decorating their house thus he is able to ensure that every furnishing in the apartment fits in like a puzzle.

Along the process of renovation, although they have met with some hiccups, but to Jimmy, he have gained valuable experience and lessons from the process. He has strong belief that one will only get better every single day because we learn, face it with a right attitude and everything is possible.

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