The Interior Designer in You


Interior design in Singapore is all about inventing and reinventing your personal space. There are times when you get bored with the look of your house and you think of ways on how to reinvent it. And in the midst of renovating your home, you realize that there are things that have to be thrown out. This dilemma keeps you thinking, “Should I or should I not throw them out?” But don’t worry; with the help of some principles from Singaporean interior design, reinventing your house would be easy.

Interior design Singapore styles range from classic to contemporary, but whatever the interior design concept is, the space should always be maximized. With a small land area and a continuously growing population, interior design in Singapore has always dealt with the challenge of space maximization. One common solution for this problem is the proper choice of paint colours and patterns. Horizontal stripes help make your room look expansive and the use of darker colours can amplify this effect. Since glass materials are trendy nowadays, you can use them to make your room look spacious. Organizing small pieces in boxes gives you more space for other stuffs as well.

Another highlight of interior design in Singapore right now is the use of decorative lights. They come in different colours and shapes and they are not just for aesthetic purposes but for functional purposes, as well. Just imagine yourself looking into the mirror with a dark lighting. The effect is that you won’t look your best and this is the same for your house. No matter how beautiful your furniture is, they won’t look their best if the lighting isn’t appropriate. Lights can do magic but they have to be the right ones to do that.

Although bright and eclectic as it may seem, interior design Singapore emphasizes organization and calmness. The play of colours and patterns may do a lot of tricks but bombarding your house with too many details can evoke the opposite effect- disorder. The maintenance of cleanliness at home is a difficult thing to do, especially if you have playful kids, but the use of labelled storage containers will make your job ten times easier. And don’t forget where you store your things so that you won’t have to look for them over and over.

Interior design in Singapore also makes use of recycled materials to save Mother Earth from too much trash.  Not only that, it also delivers maximal comfort. A clean house can contribute to a clear mind and your well-being. Tranquillity, sense of contentment and inner peace are just some of the things that interior design in Singapore offers you. With all of these in mind, you’ll see that you can get the most out of what you have.