Interior Design Singapore Tips on Picking the Right Furniture for Small Spaces



Do you ever wonder how interior design Singapore experts can turn a small room into somewhat bigger space without having to break the wall? With simple interior design ideas, you can do the same for your living space.

One of the elements that may make or break the space issue of your home is the choice of furniture. Some homeowners tend to forget the basic rule when it comes to space saving. That is to be clever about the things you put inside the house. With this said, here are a couple of reminders from interior design Singapore pros.

Choose multi-function furniture.

If you cannot afford to have a chest and a coffee table because of space issue, interior design Singapore experts suggest that you pick a piece of furniture that is both. These things are called multi-function furniture and city dwellers need to get acquainted with these items. There are also beds that are designed with drawers. The idea is to have the same functional furniture that serves more than one purpose.

Move large furniture pieces against the wall.

If you have especially large furniture pieces, do not cut the space further by placing them in the middle. Instead, Singapore interior designer recommends moving them against the wall. Allow the middle to be an open space.

Don’t block the pathway.

When buying pieces of furniture, interior design Singapore professionals remind homeowners to become particularly picky. Make sure that the piece fits the available space in the room. Never allow the furniture to block pathways. Oversized furniture pieces can only work against your goal of making the room seem bigger.

Choose pieces that match the walls.

Another clever trick that interior design Singapore consultants want to share is how to make the furniture pieces blend in. You can do this by picking some pieces that actually has the same colors as you have on your walls. With this trick, even the big items can blend in and by creating such an effect, the room can seem wider.

Choose open spaced pieces.

Interior design Singapore pros suggest you pick a sofa set or chairs that are designed with exposed legs and open arms. A glass table is also helpful as opposed to a solid wood one. The open and free space in these furniture pieces allow the light to pass through. Such creates the illusion that the room is much airier and bigger. These are only a few simple ideas you can apply when picking out furniture pieces. Follow these interior design Singapore tips and you will be able to tell the difference.