Interior Design Singapore Suggests Space-Saving Techniques for Small Homes

Many clients who employ the services of interior design Singapore are often concerned about making their living spaces appear bigger than the actual size. While this is generally not a problem with people who have built their houses on their own lots, it is important to note that a handful of other Singaporeans are usually not able to perform a full-blown renovation on their rented quarters due to residential limits or the lack of budget. Fortunately, through the help of a reputable interior designer, you can restructure space without having to do any drastic changes like eliminating the partition walls and built-in cabinetry.

Small homes like apartments and lofts are not exactly as cramped as they seem to be. Very often, heavy furniture and upholstery are responsible for taking up much of the little floor area in these residential settings. But the reason for a closed-in feeling could be anything from dark colored walls and bulky decors. Singapore interior design experts suggest that you consider the following techniques.

Go Stripes

Monochrome lines are not only for creating an illusion of a leaner and longer body figure. They can also be used for interior design. But instead of making the room narrower, these lines help draw the eyes farther to the corners. Stripes can be applied on the flooring using materials such as tiles. You could also use wood planks in two tones if you prefer a natural look.

Opt for Bright Walls and Furniture

As can be seen in many homes that have been furnished by Singapore interior design firms, color is the key to space-saving. Do away with dark colored cabinetry and walls. Several contractors of interior design Singapore recommend using paints in neutrals such as white, beige and cream. You may compensate for the visual variety by incorporating accent pieces into the room sparingly.

Choose Collapsible Furniture and Upholstery

Choosing foldable furniture does not mean going for cheap materials. In fact, they are as elegant-looking as the regular couches, chairs and beds. For children’s bedroom, opt for bunk beds with an extra mattress underneath to save space. Living rooms can benefit from sofa beds with collapsible parts for additional seats whenever necessary.

Make Use of Wall-Mounted Shelving

For better space-saving solutions, try to make as much use of the vertical space as possible. Instead of stand-alone cabinets and storage furniture, opt for wall-mounting shelves. According to the experts in interior design Singapore, these units help free up floor space, thereby making the room look wider.