Interior Design: Singapore – Get a Clutter Free, Practical yet Fun Kids Bedroom



If you are a parent and tired of seeing toys and clutter all over your child’s room, consult interior design Singapore experts to create a clutter free room. Clutter is usually a problem for many households in Singapore specially when there are kids that have so much toys and stuff. The solution to a clutter free kid’s bedroom may lie in its interior design. There has been so much innovation as to designing a kid’s bedroom since the 1960s.

Kids aged from 2 to 7 are very active and curious.  Most of their time is spent on playing and learning. Playing involves toys and learning involves books and writing materials. These things are most often found in a kid’s room or bedroom. Interior design Singapore suggests the following solutions.

  1. Get A Cabin Bed – Cabin beds offer storage for tons of things. These beds can also have shelves for books, baskets for toys and cabinets for their clothes. There are several of cabin bed styles that your carpenters in Singapore can do.
  2. Get Double Bunk Cabin Beds – Bunk beds propose to save space. Even if you only have one child, the extra bed can be used for sleepovers. It is beneficial if it is also a cabin bed. The bed will offer twice the storage area for toys. Some beds also have built-in lighting system for when you read bedtime stories.
  3. Get an All-in-One Bed – This is becoming famous for Interior Design Singapore due to its practicality. Most housing or condos offer a limited space for kid’s room. A raised bed which can house a cabinet or even a small desk space underneath is not only a real space saver but it often comes with a very trendy style.
  4. Over Bed Cabinets – Interior design Singapore promotes an over-bed storage system that not only looks elegant but kid friendly as well.
  5. Get A Blanket Box – Put a blanket box for storage at the beds feet end. This can be used as sitting furniture or a table.
  6. Over Bed Book Case – When your child can’t get enough of bed time stories, interior design Singapore proposes and additional focal point to a room.
  7. Add Fun Shelves – Interior designers came up with low rise shelves for kids. They can help out to de-clutter their room by the end of day when they can reach the shelves and baskets for their things.


These are just some ideas that you can use for your kids room. Interior design Singapore proved their ideas as functional yet stylish. The best kid’s room are those that reflect your child’s playful nature yet maintain a clutter free ambiance.