Interior Design Know-How


Your home reflects who you are so it is important to keep it nice and pleasing to the eyes all the time. If you are in Singapore and you are thinking of renovating your home, Carpenters Singapore can help you. Their years of expertise have earned them the good reputation that they have until today.  Singapore renovation is not complete without them.

Interior design Singapore has been synonymous to Carpenters. Launched in 2010 as a subsidiary company of Ban Yew, Carpenters has rapidly become a household name. They employ great interior designers that keep themselves knowledgeable of the up to date designs and the current trends in interior design decoration. Their work is a combination of their artistic prowess and the years of experience of Ban Yew in carpentry and renovation which results to quality design that is not only pleasing to the eyes but is also practical and highly functional.

The most popular interior design in Singapore is a clean, clutter-free and spacious-looking design. Interior design Singapore is not necessarily expensive. Before you settle with an agreement, you will be provided with a design proposal that includes the color schemes, materials and price breakdown to accommodate your preference with your budget. Since Carpenter Singapore has a strong woodworking background, their designs are unique and are customized specifically for their clients.

Whatever your renovation needs are, Carpenters can meet those. Their professional engineers offer consultations, structural alterations drafting and submission for approval to required authorities. Before starting any major construction services, an architect and engineer visits the site for assessment. After which, a new architectural exterior will be proposed which also includes the interior finishing and the detailed breakdown of cost for the project.

For interior design Singapore to be complete, Carpenters offer a production team that knows all the aspects of renovation including painting, sanitary works, electrical works and maintenance and repair. Everything that you need when it comes to renovation and design is covered by Carpenters so you only need to work with one company. The same level of quality is applied to all their services, no matter how big or small the project is.

To ensure that their clients get the best service, all their interior designers are rigorously trained on how to prepare and administer projects. Their highly recommended workmanship and organized project management ensures that interior design Singapore is a pleasant and a hassle free experience for you.