Ideas for Earth-Tone Theme In Singapore Interior Design

There are reasons why earth tones work well in interior design in Singapore today. One is because they highlight the raw materials used in some furniture are genuine. Two, is that they complement furniture made up of wicker or wood.

Outdoor furniture often contains plant fibers that turn brown or black when immersed in treatments that would enhance their durability. But with the interior design in Singapore condominium units, wicker sets are usually found in the dining area be it indoors or by the veranda.

Also, an earth-toned color scheme is relaxing to the eyes since brown is no longer just the color of wood. Interior design in Singapore classified variations of brown from dark chocolate to copper to coffee to something as light as cream foam on cappuccino.

If your room is a canvass that needed coloring, imagine your sofa in light beige against an off-white wall. A good color choice for throw pillows would be dark chocolate with little floral details embroidered on the left most corner in black. Set it on the couch with some plain-colored black throw pillows.

Have an unvarnished lamp on top of the side table close to the sofa. Being unvarnished, the natural bronze color of the stem would shine to complement the thin cream-colored veil covering the light bulb. A coffee table in front of the sofa would be cream-colored too to match the walls.

Even appliances are noted in interior design in Singapore too. The plasma TV would be hanging in front of the sofa against the cream walls. Under the TV would be a drawer doubling as mini-table for your remote control, a few DVD’s and the DVD player itself. Interior design in Singapore is not just matching the colors of the walls with the furniture. It is about identifying certain items in the house by color since within a color scheme in interior design in Singapore today, you can tell a copper lamp apart from the cream-colored mini-table.

In the bedroom, a black ceiling with a few LED lamps would give a feel of dark skies, what with only a few lamps lighting the way, conditioning the mind about the feel of home and encouraging thoughts of sleep. The bed cover would be colored cream, the blanket would be light beige and the pillows would be in dark chocolate. The side table would be where some paperback novels would be put after a good read before waking the following morning to return the books to their shelves.

Interior design in Singapore is dynamic enough to expound a color as simple as brown to several variations. Design Team