ID Singapore Simple Ways On How to Make Home More Eco-friendly

Nowadays, the environment is being damaged greatly by various factors. The earth’s resources are also depleting. With these things happening, people are becoming more aware of their duty in saving the environment. Doing simple measures such as making homes eco-friendly may just save the Mother Earth. Having an eco-friendly home is one of the trends in ID Singapore. To achieve an environment-friendly abode, here are some expert tips in interior design Singapore:
When getting a new house, interior design Singapore plays a huge role in helping their clients in the selection of appliances. The selection criteria usually include functionality, affordability, and durability. Most often people forget about the energy saving capability of appliances. To reduce electric bills, purchase appliances with energy label of four ticks. This means that the appliance is energy efficient. Together with aesthetic and functional interior design Singapore, less use of energy’s resources can be fostered.

Aside from the appliances, experts in interior design Singapore have extensive knowledge about interior design elements that do not harm the environment. These may include the lights, flooring, and paint.

There are certain light products which can save energy. Instead of incandescent and halogen lights, interior designers now suggest LEDs and CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights). This is because CFLs are capable of saving energy three times than halogen lights, while LEDs are long-lasting and energy efficient.

Choosing the right flooring can also contribute in being eco-friendly. Interior design Singapore recommends the usage of eco-flooring. This is one of the newest trends in ID Singapore. It does not only promote safe and healthy living but also provide aesthetic effects on the overall interior design. Eco-flooring has low formaldehyde content which makes it totally safe for everyone’s health. Aside from that, it may also contain agents which are capable of purifying the air inside the house.

Another way to make the home eco-friendly is by utilizing certain types of paints. The environment-friendly paints have zero or low content of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). In interior design Singapore, the use of eco-friendly paints with low VOCs is essential. VOCs contribute to formation of harmful indoor air. With prolonged exposure to VOCs, an individual may experience illness affecting the respiratory system and body metabolism.

Apart from the abovementioned ways of making home eco-friendly, there are other innovative products for saving energy. An example is the power-sufficient electric outlets. Most of these electric outlets have timers and displays to indicate energy usage. With these kinds of products, individuals can be aware of energy utilization.