Choosing the perfect interior colours

You’ve moved into a new house, or you’re renovating the house you’ve lived in for years. Either way, you’re making a fresh start, including new interior design and colours. Choosing the right colours is essential, because you’re going to be living with them for years. The wrong colours can detract from the ambiance and comfort of your interior design and decoration. On the other hand, choosing the right colours can transform a house into a interior designer home that you and your family will love, and love to share.

Room size and Colour

Many modern homes have open floor plans that essentially result in a single large room, often with few or no distinctive architectural features. Darker, richer colours distinguish different living areas and create a homey atmosphere. Don’t forget interior ceilings. Although, ceilings are traditionally white or some other dark colur, you can break this rule with large room.s Especially when you home features high ceilings as well as large rooms, choosing a rich, deep colour for the ceiling can make the room cozier.

For small rooms, the main challenge is creating a sense of openness. Using too many colours in a small room can often make the space seem cramped. this does not mean that you have to be stuck with plain white walls. Painting one wall of a small room in a darker colour can often give the illusion of a larger space. Likewise, painting the ceiling a lighter colour than the walls in the room can open up the space, making it seem larger. That colour can be but need not be white.