How to Incorporate Color to the Interior Design Singapore Home

One of the strong points of several companies which provide services for interior design Singapore is their effective use of colors in residential spaces. In the past, homeowners used to stick with neutrals and monochromatic ensembles for fear that having vibrant colors would be overkill. Fortunately, the revolutionary trends in interior design have started to find favor in accents and color-coordinated elements. Since then, many contractors of interior design in Singapore have started to create amazing ways on how to inject colors to the otherwise drab-looking homes.

Color is essential not only for creating a livelier space, but also for adding a bit of personality into your home. Just like what a popular interior designer has said, color is an extension of one’s self as it projects the kind of mood that the homeowners want to share with their guests. It also helps boosts the focal points of a room by simply serving as either a contrasting or a complementing element. If you are curious about how a Singapore interior designer can incorporate a vibrant palette of colors into your home, here are some of the ideas which you may like to include in your own renovation project:

  • Accessories and Appliances – Instead of sticking to neutral shades and natural hues, many progressive firms of ID in Singapore recommend channeling colors through accessories and appliances. Balance is the key here, as not all decors have to be the same color. When working on a color motif, similarly hued accessories are used sparingly across the room.
  • Artworks – Paintings and sculptures are popularly used in both modern and traditional styles of interior design Singapore. They instantly lend a burst of colors to a room with the interesting palette and patterns. This is especially true for abstract illustrations and bright, porcelain sculptures. One piece for each kind is enough to create a little visual variety.
  • Wall paint and Panels – Bold, neon colors are making a comeback these days in many modern spaces and they are usually applied to the walls of the bedrooms and private rooms. You can also try these hues to any room without worrying about it being out of place. As long as you have the right combination of design elements, you can never go wrong with basic solid colors that do not look monotonous.

Making color a prominent element of design is often associated with eclectic style. Still, if you hire a talented contractor of interior design Singapore, you can be sure that no matter the style approach you prefer, there is always a way to infuse color into your home.