The Great Big School of Art


Interior design Singapore has grown popular and in demand nowadays. A lot of neophytes have already emerged and claimed their thrones that were just once occupied by the chosen few. Indeed, design firms have been established in no time and careers in interior design have been skyrocketing since.

With the establishment of different arts schools, Interior design in Singapore has never been more vibrant. Different colleges and universities offer diploma and advanced courses in interior design, where you can study the course in as fast as 18 months or for as long as 3 years. Because interior design in Singapore has really become widely known, design schools even offer part-time study courses for students who are also working as interior designers. This way, the designers get to enhance their skills without giving up their passion and commitment to their career. In Singapore, you can really have a wide range of options and all you have to do is to pick one that suits you.

Interior design Singapore does not only focus on the technicality of designing much less on the arrangement of things in space, but it also speaks of interplay of various elements that gives it its distinct features. Just as like as any other forms of art, interior designing is a process. It is making your imagination happen. From the planning of concepts to critical implementation, with experimentations and explorations in between, interior design in Singapore is absolutely something to look forward and up to.

Interior design has its own language and principles fundamental to it, and that’s what makes interior design in Singapore special and original. Its principles are surely extraordinary. Since Singapore has been a melting pot of different races for years, the designs that developed have shown a hint of western and eastern cultures. The combination of these two worlds has created a harmonious blend of lines, shapes and colors that make interior design Singapore one in a million.

Art schools in this country surely serve as stepping stones for the great stage of interior designing. As what people say, practice makes perfect and these schools serve as training grounds for the future interior designers not only in Asia but in the world. Interior designing may be a work that entails trials and errors, a work that requires energy of the body and openness of the mind, and a work of endless handicrafts. But just like any work of art, Interior design Singapore will surely make you speechless, breathless and leave you in awe.