Foremost Concepts in Interior Design in Singapore


Singapore is a small country that maintains its cleanliness by instilling discipline among its people. In terms of architecture and design, the trends in interior design Singapore concepts adapt the new Asian style of contemporary tropical living in Singapore. Due to limited space, interior design Singapore experts maximize the small space to achieve the desire of holistic lifestyle where their homes are transformed as sanctuary. Singapore interior design has different inspirations such as Eastern ideals, global directions, tropical modern, contemporary chic, Zen minimalist and Asian retro.

It has a retro inspired Eastern style and recycled design that can be applied in a small apartment of condominium in Singapore. Interior design Singapore combines a mixture of pieces from various parts of the world such as American classic art-deco sofa, coffee table made from an Indian daybed, armchairs from China and paintings from Indonesia. It will appear that interior design decoration in Singapore has moved away from the traditional materials by mixing old with the new. Singaporean interior design has experimented with materials such as aluminum and steel as alternatives to timber in order to achieve the simple, homeliness, similar poetry and romance of the conventional design.

Simplicity and Zen holism has started to become the trend and an “ethno-modern” approach is being developed. In this technique, the focal areas of the home which may contain exotic details are paired against clean and contemporary backdrops. Interior design Singapore has a strong influence of the new Asian style, a cross breed of local and universal, modern and ancient, and calm and chaos. The design uses cultural sources and design elements that seek to impart a multitude of moods in contemporary settings that can adapt to the Singaporean heritage.

Interior design Singapore presents a natural progression of space, which is one of the basic elements of the Zen philosophy. It welcomes both the combination of the simplicity and complexity of the indoors and the outdoors and between private and public spaces. It also shows distinct divisions which are underlined in the layout and materials that are used. This was illustrated in the modern houses which provide exquisite landscapes from the living area going into the courtyard, leading the way to the dining area and sometimes having a small garden to complete the Zen-inspired motif. The interior design in Singapore is brimming with new ideas to give the home a contemporary feel and exude luxury.